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The Cremation Of Sam Mcgee Comments

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There are strange things done in the midnight sun
By the men who moil for gold;
The Arctic trails have their secret tales
That would make your blood run cold;


C. Drollittle 26 January 2021
I just want to point out that this poem is not by Robert Frost or Robert Burns. ??
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Forrest Tuffy Hennington 05 November 2020
I could feel Sam's pain, , I too dislike the cold. I had to recite only two poems in Jr high this one and Trees. I have one of Robert Service's books. " The Best of Robert Service" is full of great poems. A must read for anyone likes to read about the Yokon.
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Daniel New 23 September 2020
His most famous, and perhaps his best.
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Eugenia Clement 15 May 2020
I too had to memorize this poem for English class many years ago. I think of it every time I Chanel surf and Bering sea gold is on. My kids were never exposed to it. It makes me smile with memories of times passed. ??
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Tom Hanify 31 March 2020
I remember this poem well. What I don't remember is whether I memorized it in elementary or high school. In any case, I learned it in the late 1950's. It has remained with me ever since.
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Linda B. Rodenberg 18 February 2020
I learned this Poem when I was in grade school, here in Springfield, Illinois. My teacher was a far-sighted and inspirational woman who introduced my class to Robert Service - for which I remain grateful.
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Brad Burt 31 December 2019
When a verse you find that seizes your mind And won’t leave you again, With rhythm and rhyme dramatic, sublime, It’s Robert Service’s pen!
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Dale Shirer 18 December 2019
Tonight I will read this poem to a bunch of folk while looking for the Northen Lights 60 miles east of Fairbanks. We are at the Chena Hot Springs and will be driven further out into the wild to a couple of yurts on top of Charley's Dome. And will stay there from 10pm till 2 Am. Forecast of -18 farenheit. Wish us good viewing.18Dec 2019
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Carl Munson 18 November 2019
Laud this? What do I know? It took me until the age of 73 to finally memorize it. At the age of 74, my wife and I flew from Seattle to Whitehorse where I saw Lake Leberge (Labarge in the poem) and drove a dog sled team solo. I have a life, which is why I would get worked up enough over a poem to fly to Whitehorse etc. Poetry? What works? I love the genius of Poe but I've never had the urge to buy a raven.
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My uncle was shot down early in World War II and spent the war in a German POW camp. He and his fellow POWs had only what they brought in their brains - and this poem, memorized at the direction of his high school English teacher, was one of the things that helped them pass the time - and endure the privations of POW life. After four years of captivity, he weighed 79 pounds when General Patton's forces liberated the camp.
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Robin Amelia Millheim 29 April 2019
It was likely sixth grade when a classmate, Bill Lloyd stood and recited from memory this poem. Well written, well recited, it made a mark.
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Lance Bradley 01 April 2019
I like this pome so much, my dad found it in app easy book In like Sam I like the cold.
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Virgil Tracy 30 January 2019
I had to read this poem in literature and for some reason, every day after that, I had a yen to read it. I soon memorized certain parts of it and I would recite them. I love the rhyme and rhythm of it.
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Rob Bulbrook 13 December 2018
I so enjoyed listening to my dad reciting this from memory. Each performance was great.
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SteveStrowbridge 07 October 2018
My first introduction to Sam was a surprise in the children's book section at University of Alaska Museum gift shop. Well worth the discovery.
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Jay Owens 02 September 2018
This poem is a delight to read, to imagine and a favorite of Senator John Mc Cain.
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Byron Shoffner 21 December 2019
I am not much for poetry, but there is something about this one that grabbed me, Maybe because I hate cold weather. Put me on the Southwest desert at 120 degrees and I'm fine. Below 40 above and I freeze.
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Judy Smith 01 September 2018
This was my favorite poem when I was a child. I found it in a magazine called Argosy. It was a man's magazine of which my father subscribed. I was 8 years old at the time. I kept the magazine for many years and read the poem many, many times. I became a fan of the writings of Robert Service and read many of his ballads. I am now seventy-seven, and still love this poem.
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Arthur Webb 25 October 2018
Judy, Same here but I`m 79
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Shirley 05 August 2018
I loved this poem, as an 8th grader; now a really senior citizen, I can recite by memory the opening lines, but forgot the rest; Found it again, and hope to someday get to Alaska. Love the multiple rhymes within the rhyme; whatever the technical term, it satisfies as a great tale told well. And I love a warm fire, too! I
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youmans 28 April 2018
I agree with all above.
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Robert Bartlett 22 February 2018
Every time I read this ballad my voice reaches back to my teenage years when I delivered this oratorical masterpiece in a high school variety show performance. I love it today, as much as I did back then. A few years ago I was fortunate to be able to visit Dawson City in the Yukon and see the cabin (with its moss covered roof) where Robert Service wrote much of his poetry.
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