james d nall,jr

Rookie (05/19/59 / blackshear, georgia)

The Difference - Poem by james d nall,jr

Spent my entire youth on the farm
The Country seemed to hold me with its charm
Out here we grow everything we eat
Vegetables, fruits, chicken, pork and beef
It don't come from a store or some shelf
When we sit down to eat, you just help yourself

At 21 I moved out to the big city
Got me a job and a gal thats pretty
She did all the grocery shopping and cooking, too
While her country boy was working till his shift was thru
Took a week off, To the country we went to see
My mom, my dad and my brothers new baby

Sittin' in the swing in the warm sunshine
Her and me was sippin' some sweet red wine
My brother pulled up in his pickup truck
Said tomorrow morning we were huntin' duck
Now my city wife didn't like the idea one damn bit
Next to me she wouldn't even sit

Talking in bed late that night
I tried to make things right
She didn't understand the country way of living
How could we kill, How could we be forgiven?
We grow our stock up good and strong
Never get attached to them, at least not for long

See, When you live in the city, You don't think
How your meat got here thawing in your sink
Most people thier live out there lives
Not thinking about butchers with knives
They don't wanna know how the steak got to the table
Just concerned with the name and date on the label

Before we get to far you need to understand
Out here we make our livin' off the land
Harvesting an animal for trophy and hide
Ain't something, by which, I'll ever abide
For you pieces of crap, that do just that
Let me explain the way we feel
Farming supports our families, not clubbing baby seals
We sell our animals an butcher some, too
But, for two thousand years, we've fed you
Go to the store or the market place
Buy the goods we grew, by the case

Killing animals for hides or fur, not meat
Is like fighting an enemy with no chance of defeat
Clubbing baby seals? you're not even men
You're more like a leech, Than a citizen
Destroyers of fragile wildlife, you must listen!
This future of failure is all you've christened
Brag to your little children and daughters
Daddys a big man! Baby seals, He slaughters!

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