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The Draining

Oh, bleeding heart!
Oh blood so red and deep.
Why, oh why
Can't I keep this distress
From me?

My heart is broken and torn.
I weep.
In spirit I long for,
And strain,

And reach for joy.
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Well. It's all about unrequited love, isn't it? Or even love won, and lost. I have more romance poetry than any other kind. Not erotic or sensual verse, but good, old classic romance poetry. Not classic format, but classic expression.
Jesus Diaz Llorico 20 June 2013

unrequited love, yes, I believe so, a love not reciprocated. but a deep and lovely write.

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Gajanan Mishra 19 June 2013

heart touching one, thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment and vote.

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Sj Holland 20 June 2013

Thank you Gajanan and Jesus. Poetry is so eloquent as to make something beautiful out of emotional turmoil.

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Khairul Ahsan 03 March 2014

A touching poem, with an apt title and an auxiliary note. Liked it very much. The second stanza is so true for many of us, I guess! Thanks for your kind comments on my poem 'You Are Not A Poet'. Much obliged, much inspired! 'Indeed, good poetry comes from feeling.' I agree totally with this comment of yours, which is true for this poem as well.

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Sj Holland 22 June 2013

@Ruth Walters You have such a beautiful skill for expression. I delight in reading your comments. They are a story, and poetry in themselves. I agree: pain, healing, new beginning, fresh as morning dew after turbulent night.

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Ruth Walters 22 June 2013

to be heart broken is so sad and yet it is to be so alive...feel the pain and let it ache for in the aching there is also healing and a new beginning fresh as the morning dew after a thundery night.

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Sj Holland 22 June 2013

@Bobby Wynn Thank you. Your comments are very much appreciated. I try to write something at every poem that I read. We all delight so much in the gracious comments of others.

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R.j. Wynn 21 June 2013

You are the bomb Sandi!

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