J.P. Shepherd

The End - Poem by J.P. Shepherd

What do we do, unknowingly?

We strive fervently just to reach the end

We change our lives even alter our own personalities to reach the end

We hurt, betray, and decieve one another to reach the end

We waist valuable time and lose sight of hopes and dreams to reach the end

We develop a fictitious reality and create a false existence to reach the end

We hang on to the 'Good Times' and joyous occasions to reach the end

To hell with those who tell us anything different, for we are on a mission to reach the end

Whether it be family or friends on the outside looking in, we know best, how to reach the end

We sell our souls to the devil himself, while looking for a shortcut to the end

What is it that has us wanting to reach the end?

Do we think that eternal happiness lies at the end?

Do we belive that a supernatural force will ensure our dreams be realized at the end?

What security is there at the end?

Is there an end?

Is there more than one end?

Will this end be as sorrowfull as the last end?

Sustained, emotionally and physically draining seems to be this end

A waist of life seems to be this end

Hurry end!

Come to me quickly!

Let wisdom and knowledge guide you to my doorstep

Please make your presence known

Even though you never come without bringing heartache and pain

It will only last a moment, but the alternative, which is much worst, will last a lifetime

I know what the end will bring, yet I almost despise it

This sorrow feels so good, it has bewitched me

I am cursed with this, I am neck deep in its quicksand

Maybe I'm already here, at the end

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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