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The First Rule.... - Poem by Manny Furious

I taught
Middle School and High
students for a couple of years. One of the things
that stands out most to
me is that
I would continually allude
to the popular movies of my youth
that contributed to making me the type
of person I was at the time.
Mostly Fight Club
sometimes The Matrix or
Star Wars. You
the shit everyone's seen
and quoted from everyday for years.
'First rule of fight club'
and all that banal
I thought the kids would laugh. Instead
they all just looked at me
as if I had started suddenly
to read from my 1996 Toyota
4runner owner's manual.
It wasn't so much a series of faces
displaying shock or
Merely sheer disinterest.

'Fight Club? ' I'd ask, even though it was an R-rated
movie released in 1999
and I was speaking to a room
full of 13-year-old children
who were 5 years old in 1999. 'Anyone
seen Fight Club? '

The two or three who were paying attention
slightly shook their heads.

One day, probably
the last day of the semester
a party day
or 'free day'
no learning
the kids were allowed to bring food
and we the teachers would show movies.
I brought in the R-rated Fight Club
(the school administrators
either didn't know I brought it or weren't hip enough to know
what exactly was depicted in the movie
[violence, bloodshed, graphic sex, cursing])
and then all of the kids were like,
'Oh, that's
you were

I think they enjoyed the movie.

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