Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Fog Comments

Rating: 4.8

The fog is an illusion—
A master of disguise,
Which hides the tangible
Before our very eyes.


Walterrean Salley
Kumarmani Mahakul 24 October 2014

Fog is an illusion, but it gives air of mystery. Very wonderful composition with beautiful imagery. Beautiful definitely.

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Captain Cur 15 May 2012

Many of us live in a type of human fog. Blind to what is right before our faces. Human need and suffering. Happiness and love. All there but veiled by our duplicity. A thought provoking and intuitive write.

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Kranthi Pothineni 14 December 2009

This write of your is wonderful. Each verse is true in this write. Superb.

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Tai Chi Italy 04 November 2009

you can get lost in the fog, but then, some like to get lost in the fog! Very imaginative play in the fog of a cyber bay. Smiling at you, Sun in her eyes Tai

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rago rago 04 November 2009

fantastic write about fog..................

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