Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Game Of War Comments

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War's a mere game; like scratch and win,
Where the two warring factions rarely win;
But leaders who scratch each other's' back,
Gain mutual benefit with the firms that back!


Binu Mathew
Sree@1610 14 April 2019

Dear Binu, It's a splendid satirical attempt on the current socio political scenario of many countries. I appreciate the idea of..what you give is what you get through these lines...Know not that each war plants seeds for the next! The most touching part is....It brings more wreaths than laurels; widows than medals! Keep up the good work. Best wishes.

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Mathew 14 April 2019

Good attempt Binu. Keep it up

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Zafar 14 April 2019

You have very aptly exposed their nexus. Kudos! Dr. Binu. " A war's never been a good solution" . Indeed!

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