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The God Of Love! Yes Full Of Love! - Poem by influence salubi

God made the world

And the fullness therein,

He made man in His image

And gave him the world to live in.

He also gave man the word[Jesus Christ]
Man must live
To learn his need,

And learn to love

God in his neighbour.

The world is filled

With enough for all,

These are only dispersed

And still within reach.

For mankind is one
As the body members
Co-ordinated to function
As one in unity.
The teeth and the hair
Though they differ in color,
The hand and the leg
Though their length vary.

The eye and the ear
The one sees, the other hears
They serve the same body
Through their different ways.

So East and West
Or North and South,
Of whatever color or creed
Are but one mankind.

In all man's problems
The remedies are doubled,
Only for him to seek
Through a careful search.

For God gave so much

To man in His image,
And ask man, s repayment
Through loving his neighbor.

Yet for man to love
His own neighbor,
Is to love God
And love is own self.

To love your neighbor
Is to love yourself,
Which engenders God's love
To shower forth bounties.

For every situation
God has a solution,
The only way forward
Is for man to learn love.

God provide so much for you
To help those in need
God chooses who He wish
To use for His purpose.

There is God in every man
For man is God's image,
Show love to all
As love of God.

Love one and love all,
God has commanded love
To go round the world through the word
And set the world free.
Free spirit of God set us free!

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, November 15, 2008

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