Monday, January 13, 2003

The Imaginary Iceberg Comments

Rating: 3.2

We'd rather have the iceberg than the ship,
although it meant the end of travel.
Although it stood stock-still like cloudy rock
and all the sea were moving marble.


Elizabeth Bishop
1234567minamesphillip 27 April 2020

who wrote this poem en

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Jim Rainey 22 April 2016

There is brilliance, here. To rhyme travel with marble, is genius. To describe the sea as were and not was, to refer to the sea as plural is also genius. To describe an iceberg as a cloudy rock is also genius. To understate the preference as resulting in the end of travel is quizzacle. It was the end of over a hundred lives. The rest of the poem is oppressive. As with most of the Moderns since 1913, her poetry is more like dry prose. And her prose is sterile and dreadful and pompous.

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sweetbutaphsyco 10 April 2019

So, are you saying you like this piece or are you saying that it is too " dreadful" for you? ? ? I'm just wondering.

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