Jordan Blerks

The Labyrinth - Poem by Jordan Blerks

I am losing my peace
Forsaken with a release

Awaiting the midnight suns wave,
Across forgotten bridges
Father took everything I saved
He said I had much of my path left to pave

Brother help me from within
My bounds are now wearing thin
Can you see the chains have aligned?
A season made from deaths design
Here I am in the isle’s of twine

Confusions, from the hollow’s rage
A writer held alone on stage

Trade this season for one left by mine
He choose a way to follow the signs

Time runs masking a final shade
A feeling that cannot fade

The sky is falling down on me
The shards will rain across my vitality

In the isle’s of twine
A sight of reprise creeps inside

I have been taken to the undying lies
Lately wandering blind beneath radiant skies

You can almost look back,
But the path is set

Along the isle you make,
A direction that everyone else will take

Are you waiting for a sign?
Are you knocked down from this height?
Hold on to the last of the twine
From the remnants of contrite

Can you see that mist?
Send me on this trip
The path is decent, soon to find lament,
Right up ahead, Leading me besides the threads

Standing empty at waters edge,
Morning light along the forests hedge
Watch but don’t touch the frosty mist,
I can’t be certain it exists

Illness stays along with my mind
An inner child is waiting behind
Dropping down, are your feet higher than your knees
A taste already in the morning breeze

Look around in this place,
Feeling abandoned in the haze
A realization of the falling curtain nearing
It’s late, but fire is still appearing

Unveil the thought were an Orchestra sings
It seems your will is now lost in the strings

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 25, 2010

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