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The Least Of My Concerns - Poem by Dexsta Ray

I guess they mad they want to be me
Excluding the
To say my name with praise
I don't condone it
But I'm thankful for the faithful
Maybe time ain't really
The wicked resisting holy doctrine
Lowly goblins
Growing products of the villian's haze
Least of my concerns are twisted words from the devil's servants
In the music
Aimed at me, I rebuke it, ain't rapping
For the villians stay acting
As I stay laughing
I ain't heard a track, disrespectful
Satan got confused
Trying to place me in the categories to degrade my light
I don't concern them
But they aiming at my light
I ain't even dissing
I just want the world to see the truth
What's on my mind
Is a life of kindness, Jesus' cue
Say it trine like Beetle Juice
Collapsing the order
How can we obviously be hating and still have some supporters?
That should tell you 'bout the order
Say, it's fake to be that way
But it's normal
I ain't on it, I'm concerned with more important
Ain't a thing the devil say to me shall change to where my fate will be
Praises to the Lord
Trying to stay with where He taking me
I do it for the kingdom not perceived by the fleshly eyes
So it's crazy to be working for a fleshly prize
Deading and confessing mine
Rising far above the darkness
I ain't heartless
But, since birth, I've become a target
Judged the hardest
Fighting the invisible, not windmills
We continue to promote some values though they been killed
It ain't a game, in the spirit battle, it's real
All the extra flak ain't never been a
Missions captured
Living life untouchable but only for the higher picture
Try to war according to the flesh and watch
I dismiss you
I don't get the indirect, or threats, so just hold them in
I serve the Lord, the very One who's breath your soul is live
So He's on my side
Coincides with the scripture
Much love to the just ones, stay full of wisdom
Though it's hard
We adjust, won, fate has been written
Fell off?
Yea, the edges of the world and I'm winning
Ditched society and it don't understand
What it underhand
I ain't playing no games
I'll be writing to the death of me
And probably changed, from the flames, either ash or gold
Jesus knows my lasting roads
I ain't got to do what humans say
Secret little weapons
Satan's rather see me lose my way
But God is guiding me
I am not concerned with rules that's strange
God does not confuse
So if it do
It's not ordained
It's a beautiful, creativity is not portrayed
It's not a certain time limit
Usually, sporadic plays, forget the nuisance
False accusers, how they bash my lane
Mad that they ain't walking in it, but'd hate to even grasp the pain
Stepped up and I ain't never going down again
If I'm writing every day or every now and then
You can try to throw the hate but I'm surrounded, friend
Jesus made the way and you can't change it
Why be bound to sin? If He made us
No complacency, but careful planning
I worked hard… want to take my dreams and burn them badly
The majority joined forces like something out a
Commanding that I give back what I never grabbed to fool me
Even when I don't know
They just lie, claim I'm acting stupid
I'm supposed to be painting pictures
Not rapping, packing Uzi's
I don't even know what they want, I'm far from rich in flesh
They leaning down… all I can think of is… this a test
So I'm standing firm!
Give me all, I can fix this mess!
I rehash the Word, the villians fall while I'm sitting blessed!
Though I lack concern
For darkness, I'm turned into the Light
No matter what it is
I embrace the Truth and right, no matter where it is
I'm covered so I'll do alright
Not because of my
Just above, where the view and sight, rest

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