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The Love Triangle (Aftermath) - Poem by Compton Wright

The conflict was over and our conclusion was my emotions made me
A mindless monster with strings from above like a walking puppet
But days turn into weeks I start my recovery about the pain that lingers
On my soul while trying to crystallize my heart that was shattered about
The time about my soul darken like the moonless and starless nights
No light guiding you through the pain, the blackness…the sheer agony
The weeks inside my room remembering each poem had a piece of them
Reminding me how I used them like mere play things, toys of a child
But love is so serious and completely sacred to learn this form of emotion
But people start to abuse this word for the lust of excitement and even for
Even sexual intentions for others than leave them for the newest toy….

But those weeks turn into months and revelations start to commence
As my emotions start to explode onto poetry like the big bang theory
Each poem start to dig deeper into which I can potentially be in time
Find that flame of reality as this fantasy is flawed thinking everything
Are ok but yet corruptions of my alter ego telling me to continue on
Being this darkened, vile, evil self but a tap on my shoulder was my
Purity in his awe image called CJ my inner innocence, my inner angel
That floats on my right shoulder tells me to ask for forgiveness for your
Wrong doings to their hearts as their soul are turning cold and bitter as

As they put their love and trust into you, their secrets in their lives still
Run through your mind as you know in your inner goodness wants to do
This for your well being… conscience was completely right there as
If I done so much damage to all of our bonds of love and friendship….
I’ll try to ask for forgiveness and maybe in return their friendship will be
In their acceptance of my forgiveness for everything I done…so I look
Deep within myself to choose my words wisely to really show my honesty

From Kristina she gave me her forgiveness before even letting me speak
As she said “no matter what you done towards my heart but my soul still
Is intact as I’ll always be your best friend” as she had a boyfriend to care and love for but anyway she healed quickly and move forward into the light of peace

But Madison was a bigger challenge as I tried to apologize but she blocked me
Out of her sight, sound and even thought but later in time it only tore her apart
As she has a hidden love as I can still hear it in her voice wanting to love me
Craving to give into her feelings and emotions but yet she doesn’t be hurt again
But time and time again I proved myself as her BFF as I stood by her side through
The agony of her personal hell as I ran into her darkness like a batting ram and
Guide her through her demons while I show the cuts and scars of my battle but
It was worth every step out of her life problems as she forgave and was sorry for
Distancing herself away from me as we are now in solid ground while trying to
Teach her how to fly up into the heavens to show her that the impossible could
Actually be the possible for her to achieve and all she have to do is… believe it

Finally my mission of failure was Makayla which is a lost soul in the making
As her emotions are eating her alive by the hatred she has towards me for every
Moment that we spent time together as a couple, the way I used to make her feel
Completely real without any gimmicks to cover her true image but how I messed
With her heart as it’s not red like the beautiful rose she was but now a black rose
As her heart was black, rotten and cold blooded telling that you wanted me dead
Want me to dropp dead and hope the wolves eat my body alive while having an
Nasty tapeworm growing inside my stomach while laying eggs in my intestines
Tried not to display my anger as I become ruthless and dangerous to us both

But pushed me too far than told you that your love is flawed for your finance
As you maybe married him because you was pregnant and that you was a whore
I told her that they can both rot in hell till death to them part which I hope sooner
Than they think in my mindset as hatred only make her ugly from within her soul
As I didn’t love her anymore as I looked through her beauty, her smile and looks
Into her heart and asked myself is she really happy or only dying inside because
Her cause of drama she faces everyday from the day of school life gossips about her
Or the cold nights of her home when her father treats her like his house maid…sadly
I wished I could help her, reach out to her but I cut my bond with her and let her drown

No matter how much you changed as a person…you can never changed what you done to others…
as that’s their choice and their actions that shapes them for what they really are
The atmosphere of my life’s thoughts are reforming and transforming as we speak
but nothing will ever changed the sheer shock-wave of our emotional journey……
As this was our Love Triangle...

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, February 7, 2010

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