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The Mystery Of The Universe Resolved - Poem by M.D DINESH NAIR

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1.How did the UNIVERSE originate?

It was from the bang, bang and the bang,
It was through the big bang
And you know it for certain.

Yes, the universe originated through the Big Bang.

2.What was the Big Bang?

An explosion of a particle was it
And the particle was smaller than an atom.
It was first explosion for our cause.

Yes, it was a causeless act of explosion of a small particle that resulted in the evolution of an ever expanding universe. Before the Big Bang the universe was smaller than an atom! There was only a point of time then and not a place! The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model that describes the early development of the Universe.According to the Big Bang theory, the Universe was once in an extremely hot and dense state which expanded rapidly.

3.What followed the act of expansion of the universe?

Then began the expansion,
An expansion that is still going on
And then and thus began the life of our universe.

The rapid expansion caused the Universe to cool and resulted in its present continuously expanding state. According to the most recent measurements and observations, the Big Bang occurred approximately 13.75 billion years ago, which is thus considered the age of the Universe.

4.What happened in the next stage?

There came the phases of energy
And the wonder of electrons, protons and neutrons.
We learnt about from the sweet mouth of our teacher first.

After its initial expansion from a singularity, the Universe cooled sufficiently to allow energy to be converted into various subatomic particles, including protons, neutrons, and electrons.While protons and neutrons combined to form the first atomic nuclei only a few minutes after the Big Bang, it would take thousands of years for electrons to combine with them and create electrically neutral atoms.The first element produced was hydrogen, along with traces of helium and lithium. Giant clouds of these primordial elements would coalesce through gravity to form stars and galaxies, and the heavier elements would be synthesized either within stars bordering the supernovae.

5.What is the scientific theory/relevance of the Big Bang?

Truth is that matters much to us
And the core ideas have to lead us.
Or else we might go back to life darker still.

The Big Bang is a well-tested scientific theory and is widely accepted within the scientific community. It offers a comprehensive explanation for a broad range of observed phenomena. Since its conception, abundant evidence has been uncovered in support of the model. The core ideas of the Big Bang—the expansion, the early hot state, the formation of helium, and the formation of galaxies—are derived from many observations that are independent from any cosmological model; these include the abundance of light elements, the cosmic microwave background, large scale structure, and the Hubble diagram for Type I - a supernovae.

6.What will be the phases of the expansion of the universe?

An ever expanding mystery it is
Closer it was then and now it will be farther and farther.
And once begun it can`t go back ever.

As the distance between galaxy clusters is increasing today, it can be inferred that everything was closer together in the past. This idea has been considered in detail back in time to extreme densities and temperatures, and large particle accelerators have been built to experiment in such conditions, resulting in further development of the model. On the other hand, these accelerators have limited capabilities to probe into such high energy regimes.

7.Does the Big Bang theory explain everything?

Perfection, thou art not there
Reason, thou triumph on here.
And we choose with no pinch salt everything.

The Big Bang theory cannot and does not provide any explanation for the initial condition as to why the small particle exploded; rather, it describes and explains the general evolution of the universe going forward from that point on.Georges Lemaître first proposed what would become the Big Bang theory in what he called his 'hypothesis of the primeval atom.' Over time, scientists would build on his initial ideas to form the modern synthesis. The framework for the Big Bang model relies on Albert Einstein's general relativity and on simplifying assumptions such as homogeneity and isotropy of space.

8.Who did formulate the Big Bang theory?

Alexy and Edwin found it first,
Stephen Hawkins has founded it well and
Today it is a foregone conclusion to most of us.

The governing equations of the Big Bang had been formulated by Alexander Friedmann. In 1929, Edwin Hubble discovered that the distances to far away galaxies were generally proportionalto their redshifts—an idea originally suggested by Lemaître in 1927. Hubble's observation was taken to indicate that all very distant galaxies and clusters have an apparent velocity directly away from our vantage point: the farther away, the higher the apparent velocity. Stephen Hawkins, the author of A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME has added now an absolute touch to the theory of the Big Bang.

9.To what extent is the Big Bang theory acceptable to the community of scientists?

When you have to choose from among many
You have to choose the best of all
As you are man but not an animal.

While the scientific community was once divided between supporters of the Big Bang and those of alternative cosmological models, most scientists became convinced that some version of the Big Bang scenario best fit observations after the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation in 1964, and especially when its spectrum (i.e., the amount of radiation measured at each wavelength) was found to match that of thermal radiation from a black body. Since then, astrophysicists have formulated further hypotheses to account for some discrepancies that have arisen within the model.

10.Why is the Big Bang theory more sensible than the theory of creation by God/ a supernatural element?

Here thou should not like accepting lies
And still not look upward, oh men and women!
Weep not thou, my pals and seers.

Though we don`t know what caused the initial formation of a particle smaller than an atom that resulted in the Big Bang, it is scientific and the most transparent theory. The present universe and its systems point to the accuracy of the Big Bang theory.
When you say God or any supernatural element was behind the creation of this universe, you have to confront more questions that cannot be answered other than by referring to the manipulations of probabilities not within the reason. Those questions are:

1. Why God/the super natural existed before the creation and what was it doing till the moment of creation?
2. Why did God/it create at all?
3. Why could he/it not create mostly the planets like our earth with life alone as most of the known universe is full of material and not life?
4. What makes him/it let the scientists go and prove the more acceptable theory of the Big Bang and why he/it allows man to have an intelligence level that can reason and wonder?

Again most of the religions have scriptures referring to a very young universe or earth. In Hinduism the Brahma the creator God created everything before the ‘krithayug/satyayug' barely 48,0000 years ago. In Islam the Koran refers to no specific time of creation but has vague references to a creation that might be 5 thousands years or less than that. In Christianity the easiest calculations were made based on the book of genesis of human beings starting with the creation of Adam and Eve the first man and woman on the Earth. Its bishops assume the creation might have started six days before the breathing of life into Adam and Eve and thus God created everything in B.C 4003, that is just 6,010 years ago!
The scriptures of the religion were written, many versions refer to them, assuming the entire world to be within a radius of a few thousands of kilometers set on a flat land with the sun and the moon planted on a sky which was presumably a ceiling within a height of a few yards! Islam and Christianity scriptured their theory of creation by God/Allah as believed and propogated by semi-literate fisher men and their contemporaries.

We have to know that it took millions of years for earth to develop life on the earth and man originated thousands of years later after undergoing gradual evolution of the monkey, the predecessor animal.
Now accepting the Big Bang theory or the theory of creation by God/a supernatural element is your choice........................

And a solace can never be a blockhead`s illusion however conveniently manipulated it is or however soft its angles are.

'We are amazed at a small particle turning into the universe,
We stand stranded at the crossroads of fact and fiction
And we go after the sweet fiction for we like to be
In a fool`s paradise and not in an intellectual`s hell! '

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  • Hazel Durham (1/3/2013 9:50:00 AM)

    A truly magnificent piece of work on the Big Bang theory so brilliantly written, it does make common sense!
    I love the last two lines it made me laugh at myself because I have to be honest I prefer to live in a fool's paradise!
    I do believe there is still great mysteries of the world that can't be explained by science!
    I did experience a seance once with friends and it did work there seems no explanation for the spirit world!
    Thank you so much for sharing this great piece of work, I do agree with you on a certain level!
    I just feel that science can't explain everything!
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    The comment by Unwritten Soul will be an ornament here I believe... (Report) Reply

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    The comments of Unwritten Soul was there... it was a comprehensive one.. I miss it here... The deletion was a part of the automated deletion that succeeded. Dear Soul be writing once more... (Report) Reply

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