Luca Menin

The Return

Poem by Luca Menin

I'm lost inside a reindeer dreams,
Forever seems I wander in forests and fields where the past it's been sealed
Carried away like a leaf on a stream.
I try to hold tight at the grass but it seems sharped like blades
My hand bleeds and like a whispers of spirits flapping their wings
I slip away.
I saw skulls and bones rolling away on the path of famine
like dry leafs blow by the wind
Shiver through my spine pleasantly the smell of roses and marigolds in the air
Tears of joy on eyes of fear blinded by an unimaginable gleam
A ladder of white and gold colour appears in my dream.
High in the sky, deep through hell if you climbing it you will descend.
And so I did, I climbed high down through the sky
I saw lights and spheres, where all the universes diverge
Accompanied by suffering and despair of mans.
But something pull me down, or up perhaps.
Water full up my lungs, scale covering my harms, my feet a fin
Jumping and squirting like a joyful dolphin.
I found myself surfing at the edge of the water lit by the sun
A sense of lightness in my mind, freedom.
But this is wasn't to last for long as I felt being pulling out like catched by a net
like life reclaiming its death.
Choking on my breath I start to melt a sensation that I couldn't spell
Melting like glaciers that seas forms my body as spring as been return

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, November 2, 2014