Slava Olchevski

Rookie - 20 Points (1964 / St.Petersburg, Russia)

The Secret Of Soma - Poem by Slava Olchevski

There is a place on our planet
That is marked forever with a dragon’s seal
The winged serpent may have departed
Its hidden lair it didn’t reveal

In the furthest corner, in its deepest recess
There lies a secret that I want to access
It is an enigma, inside a riddle, covered by mystery so well
That thousands years had already passed, before a shaman broke the spell

When ink was still wet on Rig-Vedas pages
The Gods had known that secret for ages
It was called Soma and the book number nine
Would give you the recipe of this drink divine

You take the ingredients and thoroughly smash
Then filter the juice through a very fine mesh
When stainless steel mesh is hard to find
A shaved ram’s skin will do just fine

That drink alone had the magical power
To keep the Gods at the same young age
How would you like to become great grandfather
And still behave like you’re in teenage

For a piece of a Golden Fleece, Argonauts looked in vain
It was not the “gold” that they wanted, but the residue that it contained
Gilgamesh knew the legend too, but he lost his best friend Enkidu
Then snake interfered and stole the plant, which was the main Soma’s ingredient

In fairy tales a witch tells the hero, where the hidden secret lies
Go nobody knows where, pay its still unknown price
The suitor then, is spun thrice, in the direction anti-clockwise
He leaves shaking and swearing, never to follow that stupid advice

I am not a witch and I was not on a quest
When I met a dragon, I invited him as a guest
I wined him and dined him, we parted as friends
And he told me the secret of Soma’s ingredients!

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 25, 2009

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