Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Silent One, Is The Wise One Comments

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talkative you were
silence covers you now
Why is that? ! ,
The talks people say


michelle al G
Ravi A 11 March 2010

Actually, silence has different planes. World will say this and that about us but it is ultimately upto us to know where to draw our lines. Youth is always buoyant and has the eagerness to get involved with the affairs of the world. As we become old, we will realize that most of our involvements during our youth could have been avoided. We will learn the marking line of our involvment. This line is actually meant by the so called silence. We can actually get involved with the affairs of the world upto that threshold point which won't give us any mental disturbance or agitation or impart a negative impulse to the world. If we can stand by our views without any mental disturbance, well, that is granted.

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Indira Renganathan 11 March 2010

So you have become the wise...and that is a great teaching to everyone

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