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The Stolen Willow - Poem by Dexsta Ray

While the world's wind whirl…
It's perplexing
The curse ripping, through the essence
Flesh, and questions
Second guessing, how I'm stolen from
I long to live to be connected, dreams
Broken on the touch
It's messy
Seem like the scene, smite, with frozen
Dust, suppressing
Chosen fronts, bringing thieves, to eat the means
Of my hard work, just to get a piece
While being the reason for
The mark, cursed…
Although at first, the earth was singing, the free
A serge of mirth, blinking, beauty
Too, a burden, to see
I mean…
The thief, screened through sandalwood
Alack, ain't mean abandon
Clawing, 'tis the streams, fallen dreams
Empty handed, nothing
Fleeing, from the
Life changing blessings, gang of flight
I save…
A token of appreciation
Open to the current, flowing, hoping, you discern it
Though I won't give you the burden
'Fore I seen…
With my own eyes, queen, witnessed
Those tries
O, rise! The golden trumpets
Glowing something
Chosen, mine, potent, circumnavigation
Though, why we have to face it?
Games on the stage
Of the earth, asked imaginations, but I rather break it
Map displacement, just to keep it right
Even if it's all wrong
That ain't fixing leave the sight, missing, you with me tonight
Strictly for a cleaner sight
Peace and light
Free emissions, rigid, we can see it twice
Bringing bright basics, binding, back broke belata
Captured, cringy? Christ's claiming
Climbing… crash cold
Sapwood, stingy sight, stagnant, shining, slack sow sub rosa
No close some
Neigh the fire's pit, Weh' transpires this, latent wisdom
Snakes, a bilking, face a dealing
Of it's own nature
Praying in the spirit, not for fear, but for souls safety
Vision of a Throne waiting
Brimstone and smoke, blazing, can't
Really sleep, when you know, the minutes gone, save it
Dissing ain't for me
True, scripting, only true feel it, two many youth, hear
Hatred ain't between
Millions on the roof, sneer… then it's all gone… applause smite
Even if it's all wrong, I tell her that it's alright
Because it is…
See, the message way before, but the love of sin
Cuff the kids, and plus the end is nothing big to drugging men
Try to stop the truth
Then you better come with it
Jesus on my side and who lusts to stop His promises?
I apply the view
Propped up in a newer age
I ain't used to this and the devil try abusing grace, I ain't got to shoot the flame
Of a carnal nature, holding up the cross, dissing satan
With the star of David!
And departing
Other than evil, and tell the ones with some heart to raise!
Don't stumble the seedlings
But smother the
We're covered like the smut on the wheat is
The grain, fungus, plush diseases, clunch together like cement
The whole heaven I'm referring to!
And since the birth of
I'm all for it 'til I'm gone like divergent views
Satan only come to steal, kill
But Jesus love me, here still, I see the ruckus
But I'm full of mirth, and oooo!
I rejoice! In the face of my faith, because oppression don't exist
And I claim it today!
It ain't a way to break a soul down
No aim of arraign
But just engravements for the whole count, remain and sustain
And do forever… see, I'm like a fan
I cool and settle
But, surrounding by the heat, I can melt the truth of devil
Yelling praise, for better days, crying
'Cause I'm welcomed
Shedding extra tears, O my God, what a metal fate! Joy

Great is Yahweh's love and compassion

Topic(s) of this poem: life, spiritual, truth

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