Friday, January 3, 2003

The Summer Rain Comments

Rating: 3.5
My books I'd fain cast off, I cannot read,
'Twixt every page my thoughts go stray at large
Down in the meadow, where is richer feed,
And will not mind to hit their proper targe.


Henry David Thoreau
sdvsvsv 05 January 2021
It is natural to use excess when cutting fruit, but somehow // ??????
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?????? 05 January 2021
The friction between the new window and the ground is so small that it slides easily. //
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Michael Walker 02 March 2020
Even Plutarch, Shakespeare and Homer seem trivial in this setting of nature- violets, clover tufts, water dripping from the trees- and so 'My books I'd fain cast off'. So would I. I never read these three authors now.
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Adeeb Alfateh 30 May 2019
great grade 10++++++++++++++++
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Adeeb Alfateh 30 May 2019
I am well drenched upon my bed of oats; But see that globe come rolling down its stem, Now like a lonely planet there it floats, And now it sinks into my garment's hem. // great
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Apple 26 February 2018
This is the first poem I've read by Thoreau, and I quite enjoyed it! I love the fact that he uses so many poetic elements that most poets don't use, such as allusion.
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* Sunprincess * 20 August 2014
............the summer rain is a beautiful title for a poem....a very nice write...
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I love this poem absolutely well rhymed and descriptive..
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Frank Avon 20 August 2014
Alas, Thoreau was a superb writer of prose, but NOT a poet. The best book of poetry by Thoreau that I have ever read was a book of found poetry, recasting some of his richly rhythmic prose into lines.
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Shannae Moon 20 August 2013
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Douglas Scotney 20 August 2013
Ahem. If a planet In what delays a fray, In beaded coat Sure, an elf goes gay.
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Kevin Straw 20 August 2012
From verse seven this makes a good poem. The rest is so much nonsense. - e.g. how can a battle between ants be juster than Homer's battles? The world of Nature is not greater than the world of literature - it is different and gives different satisfactions - there is no comparison between the two.
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Francisca Darko 20 August 2012
Each line is very beautiful. I love summer rain and I love this poem. It's so weird I read it the day after I wrote a poem called August Rain... :)
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Ramesh T A 20 August 2011
Indeed before Nature especially like meadow or rain history and plays are nothing! The happiness and comfort Nature gives cannot be given by any book ever! Nice point and poem by Henry David Thoreau!
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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 20 August 2011
The world of Nature is certainly greater than the world of Literature. Nature is present before us in the most original form while literature depends on the instinct of the writer how he presents it with the maximum possible talent in his command. So let's enjoy literature under the cover of Nature not vise-versa.
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Terence George Craddock 20 August 2010
Ants quicken pace, battle in war warrior stubborn siege, like scenes from Homer's Iliad. Thoreau plays nature through showers of change, experience, in the never ending individual mind play of Human observation of nature spun, into life contrasts. 'The Unseen Remains' regardless, indifferent to human observation. 'The Unseen Remains' in ant battles depicted with more modern depictions of biological and human weapon interaction. The world operates within differing scales of perception and reality.
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Michael Harmon 20 August 2009
Makes me want to listen to The Beatle's 'Rain'!
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James Mclain 20 August 2009
and this way, and that way.. intertwine and this.. world and that one.. Be it quill and leaf... or guilt atones..iip..
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Ravi A 20 August 2009
The basic idea that the world of nature is richer than the the world of literature seems to me a true one. We are directly in contact with nature. Of course, literature has its richer aspects closer to life and nature if the theme is handled by great writers. The essence is this. The writer may be true in his approach but the reader may yet miss the spirit because his basic inclinations. This is also to be noted. I have seen people having a very dry approach to poets like Wordsworth. The reader's basic nature also counts a lot. A literary work is a communication between the writer and the reader. Either can make a miss. Only the particular reader can say about this.
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Kevin Straw 20 August 2009
The basic conceit that the world of nature is richer than the the world of literature seems to me a false one. That 'juster battles' can be fought between ants than between men is a daft idea. My feeling is that Emerson should have simply said he was tired of reading and found refreshment in nature - it is the nature descriptions which are really at the heart of this poem..
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