Roald Dahl

(13 September 1916 – 23 November 1990 / Cardiff / Wales)

The Three Little Pigs - Poem by Roald Dahl

The animal I really dig,
Above all others is the pig.
Pigs are noble. Pigs are clever,
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Comments about The Three Little Pigs by Roald Dahl

  • (11/28/2017 1:45:00 PM)

    very brutal! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (Report) Reply

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  • (11/20/2017 4:34:00 PM)

    Gggggggggggtvgggggtbtgtgtgtg5*5gta 5
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    (11/28/2017 1:46:00 PM)

    thats stupid

  • (11/20/2017 4:32:00 PM)

    Hfgfdgfhnfxnghn gfxhmgffmhgcmfghmhgdmcghjhyrddrjg (Report) Reply

  • (5/4/2017 1:48:00 AM)

    Mrs. Red, smiling, quite pleased with herself,
    went skipping home and checked her shelf.
    The cookies and bread were gone, I must explain,
    She had two kids now, and a dog to train.

    It finally dawned on her, eyes wide, fearfully, her jaw fell,
    I must explain again, her kids were named Hansel and Gretel.
    Readers beware! your morals, you never must ditch.
    Or you'll find out, Karma's a nasty lil bitch.
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  • Rod Mendieta (12/15/2016 12:19:00 PM)

    Treacherous little minx!
    I guess the moral could be: ask a favor from anyone only if you're prepared to pay dearly for it.

    Brilliant and funny in equal meassure!
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  • (1/12/2016 10:35:00 AM)

    .....a great write....except i wasn't pleased with the ending....i would've liked a neighborhood party ★ (Report) Reply

  • Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr (6/18/2015 6:02:00 PM)

    Dahl could have been another Dr. Seuss! (Report) Reply

  • (5/6/2015 9:04:00 AM)

    good poem... good humour (Report) Reply

  • Primrose Tee (5/5/2014 4:55:00 AM)

    hahahaaaa such humour filled poem.nice (Report) Reply

  • Brian Jani (4/28/2014 4:09:00 AM)

    You surely know how to wrote, I like each and every poem of yours (Report) Reply

  • (2/23/2013 7:39:00 AM)

    The best poem ever...Flows good, funny and a pleasure as ever with RD to read...I just wish he wrote more. (Report) Reply

  • (6/11/2012 1:48:00 PM)

    I just love the lines:
    Once more the maiden's eyelid flickers.
    She draws the pistol from her knickers.
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  • (2/19/2011 2:35:00 PM)

    Alas, when Red got back home,
    The tax man had left her a message on the phone,
    'It's time to pay for the income you didn't declare
    For the government wants its rightly share.'

    'Maybe we can negotiate the terms.' he said.
    'There's really nothing to dread.'
    Just bring the coats and case and all
    And your red riding hood, as i recall.

    So Red arrived (wearing a wire) at the scheduled time
    And just before the end of this rhyme.
    Turned state's witness against those agents
    Who blackmail poor innocents.

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    Rod Mendieta (12/15/2016 12:15:00 PM)

    This one's quite good. Where did it come from?

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