The Top Secret Poem by Mohammad Younus

The Top Secret

The feeling of divinely ecstasy I had lost;
Where had it gone? How had I lost it?
Was I holding onto illusory and deluding thoughts?
Then, from the unseen came the voice of God:
Do you remember, my lost-child! ...
...He asks me in a gentle voice:
Your covenant with me on the Day of Alast?
I am your Lord, waiting for your coming back!
When touring the world of my manifestation...
...turn around my child! Look around!
I am in every direction! Nay, I have no direction!
I fill whole Time and Space! See my one- reality!

Now, I feel cool; I am swaying in sweet symphony;
I forget about every worldly thing that distracted me...
...from the beauteous manifestation;
My Lord breaks a good news to me:
And reminds me of my old covenant...
...that I had forgotten due to my gross indulgence...
...with mundane affairs of life;
I wish I no more forget my covenant with my Lord;
I have found the way back to my eternal home!
I have known One-reality; The Absolute Unity!
I wonder at my past-thinking when I swayed...
...between the hope of ascending to the heaven...
...and fear of falling down to the earth;
There seems to me now only one-reality!
The view I must worship and adore!
The Duality is gone!
Alhamdulillah! I have reached the top secret!
La maujooda illallah Hu! La Illaha Illallah Hu!


The Top Secret
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