Donald Yates

The Tortoise And The Hare - Poem by Donald Yates

There's an old fable going around
about a tortoise and a hare,
I'd like to get the record straight
for you see I was there.

There's a lot more to the story
then really meets the eye,
Every time I think of it
it almost makes me cry.

John Hare had fifteen children
was broke without a job
And along came this easy talking tortoise
and John Hare he did rob.

He took poor John for everything
he'll have for years to come
And now the truth of the race
and why the tortoise won.

He told poor John 'Looky boy
I can beat you cold
And it doesn't make any difference
I'm 110 years old'.

John just looked at the crazy tortoise
and said 'No way man,
I'm the fastest Rabbet there is
throughout all the land”
'How much you want to bet Hare
I'll take you easy son'
Now John Hare had trophies by
the gross of races he had won.

'Ok Tortoise,
I'm going to get you now
I'll bet my house my carrot patch
my TV. and my cow'.

'Look here Rabbit, if your so sure
sigh here on the line'
And John Hare signed the paper
even though he had not a dime.

When race day came everyone was there
to see the funny show
And then the no good tortoise
dealt the rabbit a deadly blow.

'Let's have a toast, to the winner',
said the tortoise to the hare
And in the drink there was a drug
to make the rabbit not care.

Go! rang out and the rabbit
took off like a streak of light
He reached the top of the hill, looked back
and the tortoise was hardly in sight.

'That crazy little tortoise
there is no way he can beat me
I'll set here and wait for him
in the shade of this big old tree'.

Unknown to the Rabbit
the drug put him to sleep
The tortoise chuckled as he passed by
the rabbit laying in a heap.

John Hare woke up and looked around
as the tortoise neared the finish line
Like a shot he took off down the hill
to try to reach the tortoise in time.

But when he got there the race was over
the tortoise had beat him out
John Hare left without a word
he had lost the bout.

The moral of the story is,
although your sure you'll win
watch for things that slow you down
be a has and not a been.


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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 11, 2010

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