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The Truth's Slave - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Nobody can increase unless they've suffered loss
The adulterers are thieves
Best to cut her off
Wish I never met or conceived
Such a busted thought
But then again, where's my God? How this come about!
I'd cut around the fantasy
Highlighting the
My time is loyalty, you fancy me, to hide what you do
Never think for a panic, manic
I'll let you pass
It ain't about being a selfish one
But snatching blessings
Fellow Christians look around
I feel alone
Some are on the evil side, whether or not, they even know it
Any time I'm out
Getting scrutinized, what is that about?
Five minutes from appearing
I'm within the stupid rumors, lies never move a true one
Try to make examples
And a name off
But still remain the lame cause
Fake is super real
Views unveiled
Who could claim ya'll? Don't tell me that you'll shoot me
Go and do it
Keep in all your threats
I ain't stopping nothing, plotting mess, so this cause/effect
I was in the dungeons
Standing firm
I replied a couple of times but I guess that my replies wasn't really even working
So it's me against them all
Let me get the worst…
Get your friends, make a call, and come and get this curse
You ain't feeling it at all
Cannot fit this
Trying to stall to witness dirt
Can't befall this spirit verse…
Fat pockets…
White robes of riches
Plenty wisdom to discern, though I'm broke in the physic
All you talk about is face
But I'm focusing clearer
Like glass with stained paint, your gaze taint
Can't raise visions
Cause they ain't placed, in a great
But they stink
Like an age without showers
If fame is what the status quo is
I'm banking on power, the spirit type, my lyrics kites
Near the plights
Mirror lights…
Try to orchestrate a fight to get me scraped, of a certain kind
Farthest from a coward, get your mind
I'm a plate, get these lines

Still promulgating like I didn't say

I'm a Christian so I'm fixed in trying to live within His ways
But the villain want to play, I won't utter a word
And if they spitting at my name
That ain't brother
My word
I see, the minions try their best to link some mess
That don't emerge
While my mind on something else
Saying, forget about your
Verbs, evil actions sure to see subtractions…
My heart is masking something
From the start, I played my part among the theories
They just really want to see me lose
Something… but, my Lord
That I need Him, I'll forget about my poor soul…!
Speaking only honest… it's a long way from Morse code
Leaning on the Promise
I'll be okay, the torch glows… and I don't wait
Like I have to prove a point
I already sharpened…
Like stone chipped, to use, conjoined, with poison…
Ain't nobody out here looking for me
I eye anointings, in the age, what they looking to see?
I guess misfortune…
In the way
Silly stories, that have really flourished, but my strength is cordless
It's important that you miss the hate…
Only who with sense
It's a tricky place, I ain't made a thing happen
Self-defend? Then it's my blame
It need a reason to
Like against the grain, all the real people I commend, 'cause we is the same
Lighting Scriptures in the rain
See the fire blaze
Fan the flame of trying to harm me, a dire game
Looking at the tactics that's before me
A liar spake… but I ain't letting you absorb me, I hired Gab.
Arc. Mike, ain't part-time, cards blind the
Smite eyes…
If it has anything to do with trying to scar mine
Conflicts I don't know about
Twisting up a couple of
I ain't scared, I know the truth, so I just observe
Talking all the crap don't mean a thing
I don't trust the earth
You set a person up, no reason gave, you are double cursed
I just laugh, it's apart of plots
Because it's clear that they don't know what type of heart that I got
I'm in a different thinking place
You ain't apart of that spot
So if I'm paying you no attention, I've discarded that slot
I'm on another type of trip
Getting riches… not from here, though the devil want to intervene
I'm not deterred, it's clear
Stop coming for the Spirit's seed, He's watching, nothing's feared
It ain't stopping, all the prophecies, ain't options
'Cause it's near

The Truth's Slave...

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    that is some high-octane heart passion! ! ! ! !

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