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The Ultimate Logic Of Time (Prosaic Disquisition) - Poem by daubmir nadir

The idleness of time
Too much time, wasted
The boredom of timelessness
Timing time and the upsetting function of clocks
Being in time and not being,
Abusing and disabusing time
Finding time
For myself and others
The ultimate time
The limitless boundaries of time
Time, the universe, and everything...or else.

The ultimate view
Regards the universe
As a unified organisation
Of three ultimate realities:
The realms of the material,
The emotional and the psychological

The soul is conceptualised as
The ultimate driving factor of life.
The ultimate carrier of life phenomena,
Which departs the body
At the moment of death.
Man strives to find
The ultimate law
Able to explain all the laws
Intermediate between empirical facts
And mental understanding,
A universal and ultimate principle
To be regarded as the governor
Of the universe,
The primary factor.

The ultimate view of the universe
Is closely related to
The timeless character
Of our thoughts and emotions.

The aim to give our life a meaning
Exerts important influence
On our existence as a whole,
Which does not pass
With the end of our earthly life.

Our life as a whole
Will not become invalid by our death.
Aren’t you relieved?
I do wish to dispense relief.

So, do not believe in
The materialist view
That our life is born
From inanimate matter,
And we will return to inanimate matter
- from dust to dust -
Into the complete annihilation.

Believe in Logic,
More than individual consciousness:
Logic is a potential of infinite,
Relevant and true consciousness
And creativity.

Logic is the cosmic network
Of the primal, pre-material,
Biological and psychological existents.

Thoughts and emotions
Help realise
The destination of the universe.

If our thoughts and emotions
Born by our life
Add continuously to the logical network
Of the universe,
Than the universe is necessarily
Destined to a kind of evolution.
This evolution is an interesting,
Extraordinary and
Unsuspected one.
This evolution
Starts from realms of time
And arrives to the realm of timelessness
And completes its ultimate meaning
In timelessness.

Ancient philosophers
Perceived a Cosmic Soul
And conceived of it as
An Image of Eternity,
In relation to divine godhead
And transrational knowledge.
Near-death experiences
And ecstatic trances
Show that we can live
During our life
Also with the abilities offered
By higher dimensions
And the ultimate reality.
The ultimate view of time
Confirms that we can live our life
In its full scope
When we live with the power
Of our ultimate reason.

The ultimate concentration
of infinity in finiteness
is called Life,
The ultimate stake.

Therefore, when our life is at risk,
It is the concentrated infinity which is at risk,
under the attack in the finite existence.
The dynamics of finiteness and infinity
Is paralleled in the dynamics of timely
And timeless existence.

Material reality
Is not a separate, isolated subset
Of existence, which is closed in itself.
Material reality is related
With the realities of life and reason.
Material reality forms
A complete reality
With the realities of life and reason.
It possesses a principal, spiritual nature.
In this way
It is necessary that our thoughts
And emotions form a communicating unity
With each other and the material reality.
In this way,
The destination of the universe
Requires a development,
An evolution in a fuller sense,
The time of which is the logical time,
The time of reason,
The order of the completion
Of the reason-full, genuine, cosmic meaning.

The evolution of the universe
Occurs in the logical time of eternity.
We can contact eternity
If we are able to connect our emotions
And thoughts into the reason-full,
Logical order of the universe.

There is no time without reality.

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