Sara Stowell

The Visitor: Installment Two - Poem by Sara Stowell

FAITH is one who walks a path through perilous terrain;
And should he ever wander, he may not find his way again.
But with every step he takes, the light begins to dim.
Until there's only darkness to pave the way for him.
He doesn't fall down on his knees and cry out to his lord.
He doesn't cease his marching to fumble for his sword.
Fear does not abide in him and doubt does not belong.
On this path he never wavers; his faith has made him strong.
It isn't light that guides his way; he doesn't know what he will find.
He cannot see what lies ahead, for the man of Faith is blind.

I sat back in my chair, amazed at what I'd heard.
He spoke with such authority, and there was truth in every word.
I had so many questions; I knew not where to start.
Perhaps his words could fill the space life had left within my heart.
I asked him about happiness, could it be that hard to find?
I asked him about marriage, why it's so often left behind.
Then my query turned to death, that final cold embrace.
Would that be the end of me when I looked upon its face?
He took another sip of tea, and then began to speak.
I listened to his every word for the answers that I seek.

HAPPINESS is something that few will ever find.
The one who must pursue it will soon be left behind.
And those who try to buy it should heed this good advice.
The thing you wish to purchase can't be bought at any price.
It's bigger than your pocket book; no market sells its stocks.
It can't be held in someone's hand or contained within a box.
It is shared among your brethren, they who give to those in need.
What they impart is happiness, and their kindness sows the seed.
So if you seek to find it, remember what you've learned.
The road that leads to happiness is a path that must be earned.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 9, 2006

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