Alyssa Siebers

Rookie (Dec.2 1992 / Neenah Wisconsin)

The Way It Always Is

Poem by Alyssa Siebers

In many ways than one,
happiness can be formed with a smile,
or a kind gesture from someone,
But happiness can always be formed from your heart,
when you know your views are different than everyone else,
not worrying about whats right or wrong to others,
cause to you, you know it's 'right' for you.
There's no argument between just two,
it's always an army and a war,
there's wounds worse than battle scars,
your inflected on the heart,
and although it's always healing,
it get's weaker each time.
Nobody can do anything for anyone else
without thinking there will be a prize in the end,
Greed is made easily when given the thought of being something better,
It's common to see someone sell their soul to the devil,
in return for a penny.
Anger is another sin you see too much of,
when the situation accoutres,
you'll sell your friendship for a memory of the past,
Low blows hit harder than you know,
but nobody cares about anybody else unless you can find something out about them,
Friendship, love, you're words, nothing last forever,
unless you change that thing in yourself that seems to push everyone away,
The Real Life consist of people all around you with different thoughts and opinions,
which cause the drama and fights,
The Real Life also consist however of people, who want something different than just the same things everyday,
we want to twist around romanticism,
and be the nonconformist we are,
without our own thoughts we wouldn't be humans,
when you make yourself believe something just so it benefits you,
you're not living, you're living off of somebody else dreams.
Love doesn't seem to exist without his brother, Infatuation.
when you love someone, you don't support the things that are wrong in their life,
you support the things that are right,
you don't move around from lover to lover,
to stick to that person, and give them the heart you've sealed off all you're life.
love for a friend, you see it all the time,
but look in between those lines and tell me what you see!
two friends, smiles to smiles,
harsh words to each others backs,
and secrets and lies that spread,
love for a friend is something seen when not looking,
Love for Your friend is even when things are cloudy above, you'll always be waiting for the sun to break through,
not while when that storm is high above, strike them with lightening,
and pray to god it hits them.
I carry on no hard feelings or hatred,
we laugh at the things people say to bring someone else down,
we laugh at how people lie to look greater to the enemy,
we laugh knowing society will never change and we're at the spot we're we should be,
We laugh knowing, this is what we need to survive.
Once you frown at the things people do to strike you down,
you won't make it out alive,
so smile a little bit more, cause it hurts them even more,
that's the biggest weapon, Happiness!
cause nothing pisses off somebody more, knowing they're completely happy,
and you're filled with envy cause you wish you could be so happy.
That's it though! LIFE!
It'll always be this way, till YOU change,
cause you're stuck in those sticky situations, cause of yourself,
Blame it on him, blame it on her, blame it on god even if you stink so low,
but nothing will change, till you change yourself,
don't let society tell you what's right or wrong,
don't fallow a government cause everyone else is,
don't sell out a friend,
don't change your mind on your loved one,
stay true to you're words,
and who you claim to be!
Life is going to be looking better for everyone else soon,

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