Kate Rodman

The Wise Tree A Lesson For Me - Poem by Kate Rodman

A young man traveled the world and carried all of life's burdens on his back,
He walked and talked but always slacked.
He was unhappy, as sad as can be
Until one day he came upon an old wise tree
'Wise tree, 'he begged' ive come to seek answers from you,
Please answere me kindly, answer me true.
'young child' the tree replied' come sit on this stump,
Confide in me, tell me why you have been down in the dumps.
'Please tree' the man begged and pleaded' i need something to fix
I have no time for games, no time for tricks'
I am truly alone, no friend to talk to, nobody to phone.
It is because im evil and needy
I think of myself i am rude and greedy.
He waited for an answer, he waited a day
waited for the tree to have something to say
'Rude tree, ' he scolded' you answer me not? '
'Away i shall go, away i will trot'
The tree was upset, tinged with sadness
For he could not allow himself to be insulted by his madness.
'My child' the tree sighed' you asked for the truth well im sorry i cannot help you with the things that you rue
Your rude and greedy,
I bid you adieu

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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