Ryan Collins

There Are Things We Miss - Poem by Ryan Collins

There are things we miss
by some strike of misfortune
time slips through our feeble grasp.
I am still young and finding
new things in my life.
But they are not what I want
I want...
To have my heart race without making it
and to sweat and have my mind grow blank.
To go numb and feel weightless
even though my feet are planted to the ground.
To have the full knowledge of knowing that I’m wanted.
I have been losing this sense for a while now
I feel untouched and alone
as everyone moves around me.

Like a stone on a beach I was placed
among many others all different shapes, sizes and colors.
I was placed with a thought, with a dream that
I might have a purpose.
I will sit and wait like the other stones
until opportunity comes.
I found my opportunity,
but it’s moving slowly.
Towards me or away I can’t tell,
but I can’t wait
No longer will I wait
I need to move
I need to act.
Time will not be merciful just for me
only because I decided to change the preset course.
There is a girl waiting for me
She must know how I feel.
May the sea guide me.
Or someone throw me.
Just get me close enough so I can let her know

I want to hold her.
Squeeze her tight,
keep her safe and warm.
Either on a couch on a cold autumn’s night.
Or in a meadow with the sun warming our skin.
It doesn’t matter
I want to experience being known
being found.
To fully know that I’m cared about.
To have a sense of being where I belong.
It could be in those simple seconds,
or stretched periods that equal a life time.
I want the feeling that I never had
only ever imagined in the deepest, strongest
place in my mind.

Written: June 24,2009

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