Friday, April 25, 2008

This Grim Place Comments

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The alleyway was starved of sun,
no golden beams through it, did run.
In this dank murk sat cats on bins,
and drunkards sleeping off their sins.


Ernestine Northover

That last stanza is beautifully pleasing. t x

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Thad Wilk 25 April 2008

Bravo Ernestine! A very sad but capturing and thought provoking poem! ! A (Great Read! !) Best regards! Friend Thad *10 plus*! !

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C.R. Clark 25 April 2008

You paint a vivid picture of a place that is grim indeed. It's interesting to note, in the last verse, that even in a place so grim the people still enjoy the bond of friendship. A very good read though, a bit sad. Thanks for sharing Richard

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Duncan Wyllie 25 April 2008

Hope that this is not your neighbour-hood Ernestine, though a glimmer of light there still shines, That connection, of being in it together, that you speak of All the best, and thankyou again, for yet another poem of quality Love duncan X

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