poet Marieta Maglas

Marieta Maglas

Thoughts Of Unknowing (Complex Poetic Form)

Thoughts of unknowing and you dance me

until I become the only movement... This tango undresses

my feelings and I am stripped of all bad thinking

to be enlightened. I am a Cartesian clear and distinct object

on this pyramidal peak of the mountain, where

the echoes trail off almost forever over the horizon.

Let's sing, either with power, or with angels, or with freedom,

naught else, nor no more songs, but a swing song,

a prothalamium, which





expresses nothing less than the clarity of our true feelings

and nothing more than the rightness of our straight angles of view.

There is the fullness of our love, where

God is knowable, whether willful or involuntary.

We can neither see still,

solace still one another

in our sufferings,

unless we are sadly stuck in His

unending love cycle. There is, in fact,

a cognitive itch

and a divination using the human form

while being alive,

when life is not alive in its own sense

except for the eternity.

We can be good people

through this consciousness of ours,

which is relentless and reflexive,

especially when it becomes an object in itself.

I am not myself,

I am only this reaction of mine

in front of others

like a doppelgänger in the mirror.

The more I feel the time passing

the more I understand the eternity.

Yet turn, turn to live each second of no return.

There is no yellow horse in our dreams,

neither is this golden ripe wheat field

our land of freedom.

The sun still shineson every still green sunflower

Following it from east to west each day.

I 'm spellbound by

the swinging sonorous cadence

of the birds chirping on the pyramids

and on the peaks of the mountains.

Topic(s) of this poem: dance, knowledge, love and art, mirror, nature, song

Poem Submitted: Friday, September 19, 2014
Poem Edited: Thursday, February 8, 2018

Form: Tyburn

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

Note: This poem uses a combination of elements of Jintishi poetry, Tyburn Poetry, Free Verse poetry and Carpe Diem poetry. Jintishi peaked in popularity during the Tang Dynasty, and its themes were often political or philosophical in nature. Many jintishis heavily employed the literary technique of allusion.The jintishi poem is based on tonal balance. The tone of the first two-line couplet expresses ping, the level tone in Middle Chinese pronunciation, or the first and second tone in modern standard Chinese. The second couplet expresses shang, a falling-rising tone. Shang is equivalent to the third tone in modern standard Chinese pronunciation. According to jintishi form, this couplet contains parallelism in its lines. To achieve parallelism, the two lines in the couplet contrast in content, but share a similar grammatical relationship. The third couplet is a 'departing' couplet expressing parallelism in its two lines. Tonally, this couplet expresses qu, the falling tone in Middle Chinese, or the fourth tone in modern standard Chinese. The fourth and final couplet expresses ru, the 'entering' tone. Ru is pronounced in a short and abrupt manner, which makes it very apt to end the jintishi. There is no equivalent to the 'entering' tone in Mandarin Chinese. A Tybur Poem is a six line poetic form, where the first four lines consist of just a single two syllabled word each that all rhyme. The last two lines are nine syllables, where the fifth to eighth syllables are the words from the first four lines. A Free Verse is poetry written with rhymed or unrhymed verse that has no set meter to it. Carpe diem is a Latin expression that means 'seize the day.' Carpe diem poems have the theme of living for today.
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Comments about Thoughts Of Unknowing (Complex Poetic Form) by Marieta Maglas

  • Deepak Kumar Pattanayak (11/12/2014 2:43:00 AM)

    So well composed it is......Marieta.......I am really very much impressed with your useful notes and I think there is
    no end to pursuing knowledge and we have still to learn a lot from each other.......an amazing piece with great

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    Marieta MaglasMarieta Maglas(11/21/2014 8:42:00 AM)

    Thank you for this wonderful comment.

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  • Gajanan MishraGajanan Mishra (9/19/2014 8:01:00 PM)

    very fine, I am going out of my body,

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    Marieta MaglasMarieta Maglas(11/21/2014 8:42:00 AM)

    Thank you for this wonderful comment.

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