Friday, January 3, 2003

Three Things To Remember Comments

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A Robin Redbreast in a cage,
Puts all Heaven in a rage.

A skylark wounded on the wing


William Blake
Solomon Senxer 13 September 2019
I agree and disagree! Literally, I disagree! Metaphorically, I agree very much! And William Blake being a Christian, I think he wants the reader to understand metaphorically!
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Tajudeen Shah 05 November 2014
ah, what a moral keep announcing its significance, as if some revelations translated. each couplet itself is very much explanatory. each like like an ocean of wisdom for those who think. God bless.
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Aftab Alam Khursheed 05 November 2014
Heaven and cherub- hurting the innocent means closing the door of heaven lovely nice
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Sagnik Chakraborty 05 November 2014
The immense value of life is expressed in these three couplets; typical of Blake. Reminded me of 'The Fly' by Blake. Short and sweet, but of immense significance. Love life, preserve life, and respect freedom of other beings.
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No wonder, I now find Why hell is overpopulated now Love for fellow creatures hard to find And all our philosophies ring hollow........ To all ye poets reading this, I welcome you to my page too for your comments please
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Valerie Dohren 05 November 2012
So simple yet so beautiful - I adore birds, so this really touches my heart.
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Habeeb Kayode Yahaya 05 November 2012
nice poem i so much love it, , , , ''ab'' ab rhymtic, , , birds are described as something treasure in nature
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Lola Montez 05 November 2012
http: // v=-xh-xF23LK4
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Sandra Feldman 05 November 2012
All those who go around shooting our feathered friends should read this.
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Sandra Feldman 05 November 2012
So beautiful and tender in it's simplicity, in its defense of those fragile feathered, innocent creatures. Gave my heart a flutter
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Ramesh T A 05 November 2011
Harm to birds of beauty never brings joy to any! Wonderful message about the beauty of freedom metaphorically through birds in Nature by Blake is beautiful read and muse!
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Herman Chiu 06 November 2009
What can I say - I absolutely love this style, and this poem was done particularly well.
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Michael Harmon 06 November 2009
Three Things Not to Forget A ground up cow tastes like good fun when cooked and served upon a bun. Some strips of pig will make you beg for more beside a chicken egg. A turkey, well, is quite a beast carved up on one’s Thanksgiving feast.
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Andrea Alfani 06 November 2009
Tre cose da ricordare Un pettirosso in una gabbia, Mette tutto il Paradiso nella rabbia. Un'allodola ferita sull'ala Non fa cessare di cantare un cherubino. Chiunque farà male al piccolo scricciolo Mai sarà amato dall'uomo. Translation by Andrea Alfani
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Tracy Owen 06 November 2009
Six simple lines to help us remember how humanity works. No good can come of those who do ill. Very well done, complex enough not to insult the intelligent yet a good way of getting tweeners to understand a concept of life.
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Dick Badian 05 November 2009
yeah right. may I mention that all the english spoke funny back in 1800?
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Monica Rose 05 November 2009
Good old William Blake. My favorite.
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Indira Renganathan 05 November 2009
Aphorismic verses to last long....will last ever....great short poem
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Julie Funck 05 November 2008
this poem points out just how important it is to value the simple things in life. Care for all things, treat them as the wonderful creations that they are. Only through seeing and acknowledging the inherent value of every living creature will we ever attain not only acceptance from man, but acceptance in the eyes of God the creator.
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Archie Langford 05 November 2008
when I was 10 years old I hurt a robin I still havent forgiven myself and that was 70 years ago.
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