Ian Fraser

Tiger - Poem by Ian Fraser

By nature blessed well bestowed maturity, still in full gleam
Righteously proud in earned reared stripes of self-esteem
Like knight flashes blackened brown Albion in heavy mail
In tundra to temperate forest mastered savvy, head to tail.

Two pairs o’ keen eyes one green, howitzers in imperial shroud
Yet one only true, sharpened to beyond as sharp allowed
As with retractile knifelike razor nails they also embark,
Discrete travelers in softly padded tiger paw paths in the dark.

To what measure can individualistic tiger pride be ascribed?
Therein lies the quandary of a feline tale herein inscribed
When upon one summer day was by tiger young tigress found
Alas the plight o’ troth so thought to follow by nature bound!

But herein lies the cliché: it takes two to tango in tiger worlds
No matter how tiger true-felt nobility and sincerity unfolds
Tiger by tigress ignored, one tantalizingly harsh backslash
Tit for tat, nothing to add, tactless go along loner tiger track!

Yet, following summer are the leaves of life’s autumn led astray
And throughout long cold winters thus must tiger plod way
But as part and parcel of its tiger worldly acumen one may say
Is tiger awareness that following winters spring ever a new day!

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Poem Submitted: Friday, September 25, 2009

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