JeanClaude Levasseur

Rookie (December 6 1988 / Riverhead)

Time Can'T Heal All Wounds - Poem by JeanClaude Levasseur

Who ever said time heals all wounds
Never suffered from a broken heart
They may have gone to war
And watched their best friends die besides them
They may have had their body parts blown off
And their limbs ripped apart
They may have seen all their loved ones die
Right in front of them
But to say time heals all wounds
Is like saying Jesus is not the messiah
Or there is no God
A broken heart cannot be healed
Not time or any other medicine
Whether from present past or future
Can heal a broken heart
The only thing that can heal a broken heart
Is the person that broke it
When the person you love
More than anything else in this world
Leaves you
They break your heart
You feel as though someone’s taken your very soul
And ripped it from your body
You feel like you've lost all meaning to live
And you just want to put a gun to your head
Pull the trigger
And let the bullet fly through you.
You feel lost and alone
Like nothing matters anymore
You feel like you could die tomorrow
And no one would notice
You feel like you could do all the most amazing things in the world
And no one would even care
Without the one you love
You feel empty inside
But for some reason
You can’t stop thinking
About them
You remember the good times and the bad
And wish you could live those days again
Even the bad times you had together
Were happier than these days you have alone now
You wish you could go back in time
And change the things you messed up
You remember the happiest days of your life
And realize they were always there
You wish you could just live those days
Over and over and over again forever
And as you think about them
And replay every moment you had together in your head
You realize how much you miss them
How much you need them
And how much they meant to you
And you wonder...
Was there anything you could've done
So you'd still be with them today
And as you think about them
The pain you feel inside gets worse
So you try not to think about them
But you find that impossible to do
And the pain just keeps growing
And in the end
You just want to die
Because without them...
You are nothing

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