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Tirukkural Chapter 79 - Couplets 7,8,9,10 - Poem by Rajaram Ramachandran

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL
அதிகாரம் 79 - நட்பு
79/07. அழிவின் அவநீக்கி ஆறுய்த்து அழிவின்கண்
அல்லல் உழப்பதாம் நட்பு.

79/07. Azhivin avaneekki arruiththu azhivinkann
Allal uzhappadhaam natpu.

79/07. Any harm to your friend, you must remove it and take him in the right path and if he suffers you must be with him to share his pains.
Dasarad: Sharing good and bad things with a friend
It is another friend's duty.

Murali: If there is a marriage,
We invite friends and relatives.
And if there is a death,
They themselves join the funeral.

So, friends are essential part
Of one's life, this is a fact,
For both good events,
And also sad incidents.

Even animals live in groups,
Like elephants in herds,
So, no wonder, if persons
Live in a group of friends.
79/08. உடுக்கை இழந்தவன் கைபோல ஆங்கே
இடுக்கண் களைவதாம் நட்பு.

79/08. Udukkai izhandhavan kaipola aange
Idukkann kallaivadhaam natpu.

79/08. If a man's dress slips down, one rushes and catches it to save his self respect. Likewise, if a friend is in trouble, his friend must rush to help him.
Dasarad: The poet gives a good example
Like catching a friend's dress that is slipping down
One should help a friend in need.

Murali: That is the reason a proverb says:
"A friend in need is a friend indeed."
This, one must keep in mind always
And help friends in times of need.

Queen Kunthis's son Karna,
As a friend joined Duryodhana,
Who was an enemy of Pandavas,
His friendship being the cause.

He was in a bad company.
This Karna knew clearly,
But he didn't come out
As his friendship prevented it.
79/09. நட்பிற்கு வீற்றிருக்கை யாதெனில் கொட்பின்றி
ஒல்லும்வாய் ஊன்றும் நிலை.

79/09. Natpirrkku veetrrukkai yaadhenil kotpinrri
Ollumvaai oondroum nilai.

79/09. The highest place for friendship is without any change or relaxation, as far as possible, to render timely help to one's friend.
Dasarad: There must not be any hesitation to help a friend
When he is in deep trouble.

Murali: The poet has given a high place
To friendship for his compelling reasons,
That one must not hesitate to help
Keeping in mind his close friendship.

Even boys and girls prefer friends,
Than their close relatives,
In spending their leisure time
Chatting and playing with them.

This friendship from young age,
That grows further up to old age,
As a nature's gift to the mankind
That is out of God's love, one can find.
79/10. இனையர் இவர்எமக்கு இன்னம்யாம் என்று
புனையினும் புல்என்னும் நட்பு.

79/10. Inaiyar ivaremakku innamyaam endrru
Punaiyinum pulennum natpu.

79/10. If among friends each one says in exaggeration,
"I've so much love for my friend, " then it becomes a cheap friendship.
Dasarad: Friendship must be in a dignified manner,
And not in a cheap way, saying, "I love my friend."

Murali: Friendship must be simple.
Where is Lord Krishna?
Where is poor Sudhama?
But as friends, they were close.

Friendship does not know,
Who's high and who's low,
As it integrates two hearts,
But not two persons' status.

They may live distant apart
But closer are their hearts,
As daily, one in America
Talks to his friend in Australia.

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