Friday, April 2, 2010

Tis The Set Of The Sail -- Or -- One Ship Sails East Comments

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But to every mind there openeth,
A way, and way, and away,
A high soul climbs the highway,


Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Shaun Cronick 23 April 2020

Brilliant and beautifully written for one and all.

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William Penov 12 September 2018

Correct the pronunciation of winds.

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Joanne Antonetti Beard 17 August 2018

I read this many times to my children when they were small. We talked about its meaning. Now that they are coming into adulthood and the tumult is hitting, this is a good reminder that our attitude, intent and actions mean a lot more than the circumstances we are in. In other words: It's not the hand your dealt but how you play it. Love it.

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Jimmy D. Z. 09 May 2018

Since I first read it, some 15 years ago, I have reflected on its affect on almost daily thoughts, plans and efforts. To me the set of the soul is better represented as setting our intentions. Simply adjusting/directing my intentions and influencing the intentions of others, has set both me and some of the others on courses toward amazing accomplishments, acquisitions, and locations. I regret that I didn't come across this collection of simple, ye powerful words earlier in life.

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