Saturday, May 19, 2007

To An Unfaithful Spouse Comments

Rating: 4.8

I guess it’s too late
To say “I should have known”
What a selfish devil you are!


Jemarie Ragudo
Melvin Banggollay 30 January 2008

I like this one very much but it pains me a lot when I remember, i got an unfaithful wife. thanks, melvin

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Lee Degnan 20 September 2007

Ah Jemarie, definitely you wield your pen like a sword, how many can relate to this poem... and not be able to say what you said here. You wrote a strong poem here. I love it! Hugs, Lee

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Aasiq the poet 02 August 2007

..nice him the woman's power..

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Marvin Brato 21 May 2007

It is factual alright, but what triggers someone to commit an infidelity? Is it a matter of choice, yielding to temptation, or falling out of love? Great write. worth the 10.

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JoAnn McGrath 19 May 2007

Well done......they never see what they have infront of them....until they leave....then it too late

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