Kay Gardner

Rookie (August 1988 / Amarillo, Tx)

To Drown Or Catch Fire - Poem by Kay Gardner

I want to know what it's like
To look upon you- without yearning eyes
Like I am a seacaptain of a ship
That has been lost for years
And you are that candle in the light house
Guiding me home, offering me hope

But the wakes that trail me
Are made up of lost dreams
And the fury of the waves assail upon me
Threatening with sadistic fists
As anger in the eyes of the sky shower upon me
With a quick las of the tongue
The thunder claps follow
The beat of heaven's glistening whip

All for wanting to reach your light
-So bad

I don't know how much longer
I can carry on like this
The translucent glow of your figure
Is no more catchable than a star
One-two seconds longer
Soon I will give myself victim to Charybdis's fallen heart
Or sacrifice myself to the piercing teeth of Scylla's vengeance

Either way-
It has to be better than this
To hear the orchestrated call of Davy Jones' locker
To stand upon the plank of life and death
To thin a balancing act to be placing any bets

I want to end this raging battle
That has taken hostage of my soul
To estinguish thatflame and -feel
The weight of the deep come upon me
to take that final breath as I dive
Into the the currents and let the lips of reality kiss me
As I surrender

And yet...
I can't hand over my final chord of hope
I want to reach that candle
Lick the flames of desire
Until our bodies blazin in fire
Until your taste overcomes the tapestry of my tongue
Until we illuminate such brilliance,
That even the sun takes notice

I want to feel your heat
Dance upon the fingertips of my soul
To feel the slow simmer as love takes hold
Tearing apart our flesh and forging a single luminescent glow
To kindle soft whispers of forever
With the ignition of a passion that
Can't be put out by all of Poseidon's wrath

I want to radiate

No I won't give over that final chord of hope
I will not surrender to the callous tides of this war
You are that candle in the light house
That you may guide me home
Into the harbor of your soul

But a siren's echo reignites the burning question
To this whole damned love affair
What would it be like to look upon you
With yearning eyes-
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