Tuesday, December 31, 2002

To Hope Comments

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WHEN by my solitary hearth I sit,
And hateful thoughts enwrap my soul in gloom;
When no fair dreams before my "mind's eye" flit,
And the bare heath of life presents no bloom;


Dr Antony Theodore 05 April 2020

So, when dark thoughts my boding spirit shroud, Sweet Hope, celestial influence round me shed, Waving thy silver pinions o'er my head! - beautiful. the great Keats. tony

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maduve 14 June 2019

ddnt study literature in college nor high school but each time I read Keats poems my love for poetry grows deeper and deeper. lovely!

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Sylvaonyema Uba 20 April 2018

Nice use of the sestet stanzaic form. Good use of stylistic embellishments Good rhythm. SylvaOnyema Uba

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Joshua Adeyemi 10 March 2018

Should Disappointment, parent of Despair, Strive for her son to seize my careless heart;

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richard L 16 November 2017

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Kishor Kumar Mishra 17 October 2017

A nice poem. Enjoyed reading,

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Sylvaonyema Uba 14 February 2017

...in sparkling majesty, a star Long and inspiring poem. Thanks for sharing! Sylva

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Uzefa Rashida M.a 25 March 2016

An ode to hope.. the poet finds hope to his best companion at all times of crises. great poem

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Ransome Adejugbe 27 October 2015

Great flow. I enjoyed the entire poem. Awesome!

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Oduro Bright Amoh 03 October 2015

This sweet poem is like a prayer for hope in our darkest moments. I love it.

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A favorite poem that I likes much.

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