Taher Shemaly

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To My Friend Of Honour

Poem by Taher Shemaly

a look at your body, with eyes so gloomy
so restful and calmly, can't keep a tear
the sons and daughters, their cry that hammers
running for laughters, when they're out of there
for your leisure and money, the fights are bloody
they need the shiny, what else they want?
so my friend of honour, lie in peace and laughter
for you're not a bother, and have a peace of mind.

the world is running, can't keep on with something
it's impossible to be standing, most of the time
who asks one another, how are you brother?
in this life of bother, but instead commits a crime
with swords before and guns are after, they kill each other
falling one by another, why all of that?
so my friend of honour, for sleeping you go after
always and forever, and have peace of mind

history they're repeating, they keep on beating
attack and retreating, in those endless wars.
the Muslims and Crusaders, for Jerusalem were the gaters
with fights full of blazers, til the end of the course
then ottomans and jews came after, with fights not any nicer
ran after cities to capture, but where was the winner at?
so my friend of honour, this world is a bugger
you won't be any gladder, so lay with peace of mind

far east we travel, to find a puzzle
of trick and buffle, but it's just another war
the towers of the city, were knocked so easy
it was so deadly, for the speech it was so sour
so the head had some orders, to bomb the far east borders
with just some gestures, can you see any clues with that?
so my friend of honour, closed eyes are better
the world doesn't matter, so have a peace of mind

someday mongols were higher, and Baghdad was in slaughter
and Abbasids were over, and the river turned to dark blue
the boys of Egypt then after, for the machine they held a mortar
Baybars and some of the other, the mongols could not find a clue
from upper to lower, that's how life turns over
rich or poor either, are cases to flip around
so my friend of honour, start your laughter
it's crazy world then and after, just have peace of mind

year after another, the lovers kiss each other
with sweet talk and laughter, wishes are made so much
fights are occuring, no way for curing
nights become so boring, without the sweetie touch
then promises get broken, and the heart gets in coffin
and sadness gets to broaden, so one commits a suicide
so my friend of honour, don't love another
this way is better, always with peace of mind

I might be crazy, or might be lazy
to think the world is easy, but never mind
for I am a writer, trying to draw some laughter
in this life's matter, of trick and hide
sooner or later, you'll see what's better
day after another, you'll prefer to be a blind
so my friend of honour, for lord your soul is after
you escaped this world's slaughter, so lay with peace of mind

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 15, 2005