Wednesday, March 30, 2016

To My Teacher Comments

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I see in this site
With a lovely pleasure sight
Of a thousands of likes
with that she shines in her life


Anas Affan
Akhtar Jawad 10 May 2016

A nice dedication, a beautiful poem.

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Oceanna Lary 04 May 2016

it is absolutely amazing

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Hazel Durham 04 May 2016

Beautiful write with a charming poem dedicated to your teacher, well done, thanks for sharing!

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nice poem and lovely dedication! dear poet.

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Unwritten Soul 04 May 2016

This is a sweet dedication, keep this thought and sweet gesture with you to all...keep writing young poet!

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Well expressed check out my poems and your comments are welcome

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Sahra Hussein 28 April 2016

That is nice words. Teachers are important position in our lives.

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Aarifa Almas 17 April 2016

Very sweet description of your teacher.. Felt very deep.. Wish I were your teacher.. Beautifully penned.. Keep sharing.

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Cigeng Zhang 10 April 2016

Your teacher will be very happy to have such a poetic and thankful student like you. Keep on.

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Mohammad Skati 06 April 2016

A lovely poem.Thanks.

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Queeny Gona 06 April 2016

Very delightful read and a wonderful dedication to an adorable teacher. Keep writing!

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Soul Watcher 06 April 2016

Well written, I believe your lucky to have this teacher, and she is lucky to have a student like you: -)

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Raymond Farrell 06 April 2016

Care free and a nice commendation.

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Leah Ross 06 April 2016

very lovely dedication to your teacher

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Anas Affan 06 April 2016

thank you

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Uzefa Rashida M.a 05 April 2016

Nice Affan I am overwhelmed by your words of dedication and your love for your teacher.You are very kind hearted and honest.thank you for everything

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Dimitrios Galanis 04 April 2016

Very good for the children of elementary school.

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Ramesh Rai 04 April 2016

Most delighted and nicely penned. Keep writing. Thanks for inviting. + 10.

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Kwai Chee Low 04 April 2016

A nice piece and tribute. Btw in the 3rd line of the last stanza you have the word glean. I understand that this word is not a noun but a verb.

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Tracy Craighead 04 April 2016

This is a lovely dedication, thank you for sharing.

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