Jodilee Duke

To Whom It May Concern - Poem by Jodilee Duke

If you may, I'd like to know
Why it seems, as if I don't get this poem thing
I try all different styles
Yet, the same odd message rings
I know I'm far from the best
probably will never give it a rest
But I really think some of my poetry stinks
I have others still set aside
But I'm very ill about showing
It's as if no one ever knows what's been wrote out
I do take quite some time
And there is thought which I do put behind
But you all just leave it as if I've committed some kind of crime
I'm not here to fool around nor to play games
I've got that kind of stuff all around my house
If only you knew
That is true
With what I do is turning me blue
I simply just don't understand
How you all take some kind of joy
As if you are on top of a cake
When you rate
you rate only formation
I don't really care for this site
It has a group pouring a foundation
So if I do not write in such your way
I am just a bore to too many who are touching my core
Surely you may see or read my point this time
Maybe the only time I can do this deed
Yet I do read what some of you write
And it gives me quite a sight
But I do believe I do not see what is the ease
I like complexities, not just everything spelt out for me
Maybe I'm an analyst, not a poet

Comments about To Whom It May Concern by Jodilee Duke

  • Herbert Nehrlich1 (3/4/2005 9:14:00 AM)

    If punctuation etc is your own choice on where they go, then don't be surprised if people like me think of you as near illiterate. I have sent comments to you on elementary errors in plain basic English and you persist in writing: 'this is well wrote'.
    Pardon me for not being impressed.
    Kristin's comments were well meant, were you home when they arrived?

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  • Anong All (3/3/2005 6:01:00 PM)

    Dear Kristin E. Johnson,
    l do realize that you are giving me advice.., yet this poem is a lot different then the most.., that l do write. And as far as my punctuations go.., l feel and believe it is my own choice on where they go... I realize you mean well.., yet this poem dwells deep into my heart.., and if others choice to read it.., that is their own choice in doing so. l spent alot of time working on my writes.., and i do record and listen to them.., yes, even in my car..., and l read and read them.., but for the most part.., l don't write for myself. l write for the reader.
    Thank you very kindly for sharing your thoughts with me.., l did and probably will read them many times.. Yet, l cannot change my style of writing over one comment.., of disagreement...

    With Respect,
    Jodilee Duke

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  • Kristin E. Johnson (3/3/2005 5:43:00 PM)

    Ask yourself the question: 'Who is Jodilee? What does she need the universe to hear from the depths of her heart? '

    Then write about the answer- the REAL answer to that question. Be open and honest about the depths of your soul, because your readers will be able to see if you are trying to hide behind some words that don't really come from the essence of yourself.

    Pay attention to the way that the words SOUND as you read them aloud. Read your poems out loud again and again. Record yourself reading your poem and then play it back again several days later while you are driving and be honest about whether your words are worthy of the pangs of your heart and whether your words actually GIVE something to your reader that they can make their own.

    And please, please brush up on your punctuation. It is very important.

    Poetry is always unique to its creator and it is good and valuable tohave your own 'style' but do not lose sight of the fact that poetry is always, always a COMMUNICATION.

    If it doesn't communicate, FIX IT!

    You have something to say, so please don't waste your time or your readers' time with a bunch of words that have NOTHING to do with the real message in your heart and soul.

    Do not be afraid to expose your soul.

    Do not be afraid to be honest about who you are.

    You will find that you have a lot in common with the souls that surround you and that they will benefit from being able to relate to you once you open yourself in honesty.

    Keep on peeling off the layers of that 'onion' and speak earnestly about your journey.

    And read, edit, revise, punctuate!

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 3, 2005

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