Total Darkness Poem by LaRon Green Sr.

Total Darkness

Rating: 5.0

Remembering not long ago
walking down memory lane
I thought I
was living sane
Doing things
I thought
I couldn't do
like going to fights
having a romantic time
drinking wine
gamble at the casino
winning every penny, nickle and dime
going out of state
just to take a break
flying to other countries
for the escape
on the beach
to get away from the police
and catch a tan
from laying on the sand
from the heat
my I be dam
Now sitting back
mind relax
look up
I was stuck
from a shadow
at the door
that was mean, black and tall
I took a fall
knowing I was behind bars
for once and for all
Dam I never thought my life
would end up this way
Me praying to see another day
My life has been a waste
knowing I am going to die
in this place
Why all of sudden
I was being fed some bread
and total darkness
was all in my head

Kesav Easwaran 01 May 2009

A bit of insanity in life is always could end up saying, look i too have done something (bad) ... Poignant write...well composed

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