Saturday, April 12, 2008

Trinidad And Tobago Carnival Comments

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Islands of these Caribbean waters that sparkle in earth's orb,
Like a kaleidoscope of colours in an artistic display of genius.We hear
A malady of intoxicating melodies which exhilarates, thousands
Worshipping at the shrine of steel pan at the Savannah,


Seamus O Brian 23 August 2016

Enjoyed this very much. Though I am familiar with Port of Spain, I have not been to Carnival. Now I have. Thank you!

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Susan Williams 16 February 2016

Nicely done- you took your readers on a tour of the tropical life- thank you for the free ride

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Wonderful description of carnivale-I could see myself joining the parade of happy costumed revelers.You have a beautiful way with words.Your poems are a joy to read.Thank you for writting them.

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