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Undefeatable Afghan? - Poem by MAHMUD HASSAN

Is there anything s the special in Afghanistan?
What's the specialty in Taliban?
Are they really unbreakable?
Do they have really power
That can break the superpower?

Look the history, it will tell you
How the so-called superpower faced off fail.
This is not the first time
When world's most powerful nation
Comes to face the heaviest defeat.
The Afghans are doing the same,
The loss of soldier and economy
Has already been counted by them.

The first victim of Afghan bravery
The then superpower British Raj.
Killing all the soldiers, they proved
They were not coward but brave one.
Did they first attack the British?
But they showed to the world
That they are not to be dominated,
They are not to be colonized.

The second victim is the Soviet
Under the slogan of communism
The wanted to rule them again.
But the history repeats itself
The world saw the same repetition.
The Soviet was badly defeated
And was broken into several nations.

In this present time it is United States
Before twelve years they attacked.
They destroyed many localities,
Buried many houses under debris.
Since then thousands of innocents Afghan
Has been killed so far by them.

But by killing and bombing
Do they have really destroyed Taliban?
Have they able to break their backbone?
No, they could not yet.
By the course of time
Taliban have emerged more strong,
More brave, courageous and powerful.

If you see the present scenario
Taliban is recapturing the cities
And the provinces one by one.

Is this really believable
What I am listening?
Even US army officials are saying
Informing ‘we can't defeat them'.
Just think, can you compare the both
In regard to military power and technology.
US is one of the most developed nation
While Afghanistan is among the backward one.
US has warplanes, missiles and drones
Can you claim that they also these own?
Still US can't defeat them?
Still Afghans are undefeatable?
Is there any specialty with them?
That they are carrying with name.

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