Dilantha Gunawardana

Unguarded - Poem by Dilantha Gunawardana

Unguarded are her eyes sprouting to the fore
As they embrace the revelations that reflect providence's glow
Open to the possibilities that beauty of the heart brings
Her delicate getaways ready for the call of adventure which flings

Pitch black in tone with a hint of autumn auburn
Surrounded by the crystal white not a whisk of sunburn
The contrasts of ebony and ivory resembling the dichotomy within
As the heart is her true compass as the mind lives thin

She sees the Indian ocean in her naked pristine blue
As the tide confronts the sands from the horizon true
Where Helios leaves every eve an eternal mark
As the lovers whisper sweet nothings angels hark

She sees the street hobo with a sisterly affection
An immaculate sign of love's true confession
Always a helping hand with her getaways as her compass
As she scans the surrounding for the alley ragamuffins atlas

Chambers of her heart enlivened by the retina's sparks
As the lachrymal glands moist to poverty's scars
Feeling the despair of the lives that hibernate in vacuum
As a future with no returns prodigiously looms

She is an unguarded angel that fell to the earth
With soft gingerly eyes that burns like a hearth
She sees her friends and family as her guardians on earth
For a naïve angel that constantly crosses the paths of potential hurt

Unguarded is her innate style to both life and work
As creativity flows at every milestone that lurks
A birthday to plan…….a verse poem to conjure
For her sister's anniversary is about to rupture

Unguarded is she to the malicious elements that linger
God's grace so far the protector in her life's manger
Jesus the savior that burns the oil of the halo around
With eyes that soften to every jello situation bound

When uncertainty enslaves her heart to an indomitable chain
When people around are merely actors as imposters feign
Unguarded still are her eyes as they were her born identity
Open to the boundless oceans of life with a steadfast fidelity

As she reaches to the heavens to God's healing touch
From possible hurt that could ransack the heart so much
Unguarded are her getaways as a patchwork future looms
In her own unique crossroad in providence's blooms

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Dedicated to a fictional woman who has unguarded eyes inspired by the movie Lake House where the term 'unguarded eyes' appear.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 17, 2013

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