Dilantha Gunawardana

Unshattered Only For You - A Love Story Of Rice - Poem by Dilantha Gunawardana

Born was I in the plateaus of Yunnan
Bosom friend to the downtrodden human
As silence endured in the soggy fields
Grains transformed in to snowflake meals

A twist away from the shattering game
Deemed a pariah was the wild rice's reign
Domesticated was I like a cuddly puppy
To plates of farmers away from a hurling legacy

No longer any sign of a shattering eruption
As Vesuvius slept sans any friction
No murmur was heard of a strumming Nero
Only the silence of a mighty grainy hero

I stealthily move about like a serpent
To conquer the soggy terrain in fervent
As the Banaue terraces storm to the skies
Like a golden staircase with heavenly ties

The mud puddles jump to the convivial skies
To accommodate the stealthily dispersing rice
As the gliding veneers embrace a lively waltz
Rooting are the seeds in providence's calls

I am an eighth wonder in seventh heaven
As evolution calls me a spectacular maven
To the soggy marshy land dropped from a stork's beak
For the roots to prosper vertically in momentous tweaks

I bask in the poor farmer's fields
As the golden grains transform in to spectacular yields
An unsung hero for the downtrodden the marginalized
A token of unconditional love for paucity's lives prized

As granaries are filled with sacks of brown gold
Poverty's stranglehold on life momentarily folds
As sparks of celebration fill the otherwise void
Life in a serendipitous journey from brittle to stoic

As festivities erupt in the heartland in cheerful cruises
Milk rice and rice cakes encounter the enzymatic juices
A gelatinous creature in a tireless selfless mission
To conquer famine's death cult submissions

I am ever present at life's auspicious times
Even when the church bell vividly chimes
A bowl of brown gold in symbolism
For the snowy landscape of a rice bowl's optimism

I am a creature loved by the heart's rapturous nucleus
Even the passionate psyche's lasting reminiscences
As two hearts metamorphose to the union of one
The rice grains sprinkle over the chosen ones

I am a symbol of an eternity of love in a belligerent globe
I am the hand that rocks the cradle of humanity's adobe
I am a timeless panacea to famine's ever prospering queue
An unconditional lover unshattered only for you

Poet's Notes about The Poem

A poem dedicated to the unique story of rice

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 14, 2013

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