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Until The End Of Time (Rap Song) - Poem by Aziz Akrish

*Laugh* its me Hannibal, back again the ORIGINAL CANNIBAL! let me start this shit..

[Verse 1]
Until the end of time, my elegant rhyme, will be remembered as the prime, until the end of time, see my grave hope God will forgive me, for every sin I commit another time, my homies know that in the time of need, I am the real OG, just know homies still love, until the end of time, they never back-stabbed me, shout out to sprinkles, till I see myself buried as the real OG, until the end of time, when my mother asks me if you going to change, tell her sure but never change, to all them wannabes, smoking because makes them cool, idiots, its only making you look like a fool, your nothing but a wannabe and a tool, until the end of time, to all you phonies if you don't like this shit, I suggest you quit because you are losing it, until the end of time, I can only tell you what I have perceived, even though many things I achieved, been good to my moma when she grieved, still love my mother, never meant to hurt you ever, still love you forever, love you with my heart don't weep now or whenever, until the end of time, yeah, until the end of time.

[Verse 2]
This whole shit is bout arrogance, I am the best THESE WORDS ARE MY EVIDENCE, sorry I am intelligent, Imma square you face and turn it into glass, and then punch it and break it into pieces, for some life been grim, all this shit was inspired by slim, cutting you down with these words hell I'm singing a hymn, until the end of time, let me be serious, this is the way I show my genius, rose like phoenix, hit you hard my words are heterogeneous, until the end of time, as I sip from my drink, I heard clink, you try to diss me with your lip sync? , please I had you in a blink, with my words I obliterated you, your lyrics stink, heck even my ink, is more valuable than you prick, I believe I made you sink, you are so humiliated your shrinked, I suggest you think, gotta wait until the end of time don want to put you on another brink of bankruptcy I feel hero like link.

I am going to erase you, after this spit you won't exist no more, happy you are the guy I tore, I am stronger than thor, go back and close the door, none wants to see you anymore, get out of my face whore, you think you have the answer for, my words are flames that abhor, you know the fire escape door, is the other way MORON, I am done *Laugh* get wrecked..

Hehe, Its Dr.Formal known Hannibal... just go to sleep, before I eat you.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 7, 2014

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