Tori Saunders

Up In A Day! - Poem by Tori Saunders

One second your sad but
it will soon fade away...
You know in your heart
your friends will always make it
Some people might try to keep you
But some will make you feel
like a Queen with a royal crown
You'll never be broken no matter
how bad it can be.
So just remember there a light at every
end you can see....
Because you always have more
standing chances then you ever
will fall....
Just remember things arent so
bad after all....

Tori Duh Tiger
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-- Original Message -
From: J McGhee
To: Victoria Saunders
Sent: Sunday, April 13,2008 5: 08: 36 PM

You sent me this a little while ago...

I'll never look back
the Tigers gone for
When i had a chance to
change i new i should
No more of me left just a
girl thats grown numb.
I can no longer feel the joy
i used to bring some
Dont say its ok be yourself
because i wont
And when i hear you lie and
tell you im listening i dont
Whats the point of trying
when i could die this week
These clouds will never
go away these situations are
to bleak.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, June 13, 2008

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