(updated) The U. S. Army Ranger, A Poetic Series, The Journey Begins 6 Poem by Reginald Walker

(updated) The U. S. Army Ranger, A Poetic Series, The Journey Begins 6

Rating: 2.9

Book One: The Journey Begins

(This is a fictional poetic series and short story about events that never take place and about people that have never existed. Any representation of an actual event or person is purely coincidental in nature.)

Mission six: ‘Our country, we long to be free.’

A hard rain fell out of the night sky,
As we run up on the beach shore.
Tonight, this enemy must not die.
From here, our target is not far.

Silently, I give the orders to the men.
We are here to pick up an evil dictator.
I decide to be the guinea pig and go in.
I told them where to meet me, later.

To informant’s house, I walked.
Two guards came to meet me.
For about five minutes, we talked,
About whom I had come to see.

The informant comes out later.
He is escorted out to see me.
You buy location of our dictator.
Our country, we long to be free.

I am told all about his hideout,
There are guards outside his door.
I give him his five million in gold.
He said the escape route in the floor.

Four of my men crawled up to the hideout.
One sniper set just inside the tree line.
Two men was waiting for him to come out
I ran to the boat, my team had left behind.

My men down the beach about one click.
I told them about the route through the floor.
He will be scared and will have to take it.
When we kill the men at his beachhouse door.

I arrived just a few minutes to the shore.
My men met me with the dictator in hand.
It was a job well done just like before.
The U. S. Army Rangers had captured their man.
(Copyright 2007)

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