P.R. Prosper

V-Day - Poem by P.R. Prosper

All's fair in love and war
And some people settle the score
And some people don't want to be beat
So they do what it takes to win, even cheat

War always equals conflict
It always has through history
And company loves misery
So love will make you want to knock a motherf***** unconscious!

For the love of money
War can make some people rich
And lose a part of themselves like a seam loses a stitch
Until they're crazy in love and develop a twitch
And can't turn an eye blind to a fine behind
With a body that's made for the bait & switch
So some spend all their cash chasing that ass
Faster than the automatic itch of a trigger
Down to the deep pockets of their beautiful mine
Now, I ain't she a gold digger...

War ain't for the faint of heart
You must keep rules of engagement and emotions apart
Because the two can make you clumsy and you start to trip
And then you fall in love and dislocate your hip!
That might've made a funny impact
But let me keep this poem intact
Although you probably smiled, you probably should frown
Because much like the truth
Love really hurts when it lets down

Love at first sight can speak any language
And disregards all costs and collateral damage
Without controls, it sets fire to souls
And as the flame grows
It threatens to burn bridges and consume all it knows
To the point there's no heat in between frosty throes
And some become, ya know, just a friend
And some begin to snipe, keeping each other on their toes
Because the hottest love has the coldest end

All's fair in love and war
And some might tell a different tale
One where a knight always comes to the rescue
And cooks, and cleans, and always says 'Bless you'
A real hero, always willing to rush you
Out of a blaze, but too honorable to f*** you!
And then some seek out what's not so high above
Real life is tough, so they want that thug love
But they don't think it through, and always without fail
They lockout the fact that thugs go to jail
Forget about date nights
Or weekends shopping for sails
Thugs don't do that s***!
Thugs go to jail!

So all's fair on this V-Day
And the 'V' does stand for Victory,
And not a verdict of vengeance
Or an alien form of penance
In case there was some mystery
Follow your desire, be you squire or pure liar
And may you win and keep rolling, until you just get tired
But if you cannot make it work and you always get fired
When you fight so hard to make your play
It ain't no thang
Just replay what the Queen say
'It's just another day around the way, hey! '

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This came about from the phrase 'all's fair in love and war' and I thought what better day to explore that idea than on V-Day. One of my new favorites! Enjoy!

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 14, 2013

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