Herbert Nehrlich 2

Rookie (04-10-1943 / Germany)

Vaccine Stockpiles - You Cannot Fool All Of The People All...... - Poem by Herbert Nehrlich 2

Well folks, you read it in this place,
H1 N1, it was a case
of modern day dishonesty.
No longer are the people free
new shackles have been made for those
who speak in simple language, prose
the powers are gray men in suits
who've been for decades in cohoots
with public servants, most are swine
they sell you poison, keep their wine
and care not one iota that
they live the image of a rat.
There was no swine flu, you recall
my urgent message not to fall
for hype that's born from mighty greed
and many listened, yes indeed
ten million doses of vaccine
have passed their use by date, a scene
where men in suits are up in arms
and swiftly sound fresh new alarms,
perhaps this time it be the billy,
he's known to stink and act so silly,
could be his vapours drift through towns
and sicken peasants, maids and clowns,
so hurry folks, to save your skins
do not be late to empty bins,
once vaccines have been used there might
be an expansion, a new height,
they'll eat your liver, blind your eyes
contaminate both balls in guys
and in the ladies they digest
to rotten flesh the nicest breast.
This is what modern medicine
has sunk to, it's a bed of sin,
let me repeat thus, vaccination
for influenza, its gestation
and course it takes in men has never
prevented illness, it's a clever
and quite demonic, cynic's ploy
a modern, shiny horse of Troy.

There are of course some doctors still
who treat appropriately the ill,
but please beware, no single cure
exceeds the power of the lure
of moneychangers and their stuff,
just REPETITIO is enough.


The swine flue scare was an enormous swindle. People were not as easily fooled this time and many million doses have to be dumped now. Now flu vaccine has ever been effective in preventing the flu. Any flu.

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